Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mine's As Funny As The Original

Which isn't saying much.

Does anyone remember the original Dennis the Menace?  I mean, before he was watered down for a more popular audience.  In the beginning he definitely was a menace.  You can google some old cartoons and you can see when he changed....  There's a clear clue.  When he was a mean little kid his eyebrows slanted down towards his nose.  Then the brows became less sinister and so did he.  And less funny.

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  1. I can't get used to te idea of Dennis being blond, or wearing anyhing other than the striped pullover and black shorts he always had in the Beano (40+) years ago when I used to read it every week, he always ended up with the slipper from Dad even when he didn't deserve it. I was somethng of a fan back in the day, so when my friend P decided t buy me a birhday present a while ago she bought a Dennis the Menace alarm clock -P "It's a birthday present" SA "Hw old is the little boy?" P "42"


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