Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why I Do This, and Why I Don't Do This More Often

Among the "things I can't do at home" for Meg are simple, female things. There are some I really enjoy, one in particular where I feel like I've become privvy to a secret thrill that only members of the girl club know about.

I refer to the pedicure.

I've had a few, and I've had my nails painted twice.

Why I Do This
Thursday, after work, I went to my favourite spa lady and had my third.  My toenails are bright red, as you can see ~ a reward to them for putting up with that toenail surgery.  But, as many of you know, there's more to a pedicure than polish.  I don't care for the prep, where they poke and prod at your cuticles,  although it is nice to be pampered.  I do like the massage chair.  But the whirlpool foot bath and the foot/leg massage are both wonderful.  I have a suggestion: get out some oil or lotion and give your SO a foot massage.  Finish with pressing on the ball of her foot and rubbing it with a circular motion.  Maybe there are internet instructions somewhere that give a better description.  I say "finish with" so that wonderful feeling is fresh in her mind when you say "please... my turn now?"

Because I had the polish and close-toed shoes (I was in drab), I had the pedicure first.  Then I sat at a station while she gave me a manicure, which is also pleasant but not on par with a pedicure (although she does that massage action on the base of the thumbs ~ also very nice.  And it's nice to hold hands with a woman for a half-hour).  I had my fingernails buffed, not polished, but they look polished.  And they stay that way for a week or two.  None of the other ladies paid attention as I was getting my nails painted, or to my painted toes while I was in the manicure area.

My main reason for going was to have my back waxed.  I don't plan on wearing a backless gown ~ I have grown to dislike body hair.

She did a fine job of causing me great pain.  I limited my response to soft "ow's" but I was really ready to say "thank you, we're done now" at more than one point.  Next time, I will ask her to start at the top and work down ~ I really don't need anything below mid-chest hairless, except if I'm out shirtless (a rare event) so if it gets to me, I can say "stop now" and still achieve my goal.  Anything below bra level can remain hirsute.

But now, if I wear a cap and boxers, the only hair you'd see is eyelashes and eyebrows.  And I say "boxers" because I don't shave my legs all the way up.  And no, I will NEVER get a bikini wax, for two reasons: one, I'd be uncomfortable with the spa lady getting that intimate with me, and two, I hear it REALLY hurts.  No chest wax either.  My chest hair seems to grow back fast and wiry so I may try Nair or some variation.

I mentioned my eyebrows, and I also had her wax them.  She took off a bit more hair than last time, I think.  They look a little feminine, but I doubt anyone will notice when I'm in drab and hopefully people will notice when I'm in Meg.

Now, all I need to do is get out before the weeds take over.  Maybe it is time to at least get a backless evening gown. :)

Why I Don't Do This More Often
I'm not a fan of pain, but I know it'll stop when she stops.  I can deal with that.

The pain that doesn't end is the cost: she hit me with a $130 bill (and I offered a $25 tip).  That's my clothes budget for the year.  That's what keeps me from the monthly mani/pedi/brow wax.


  1. I love getting a manicure or a pedicure. They are some of my fave things to do. Have you ever tried a gel polish? It is remarkable, if you can have it on for as long as it stays.

    I have never had someone wax anything other than my brows, but I have waxed myself with my wife's help. Oh and I have waxed just about everything. The chest hurts more than the bikini line IMHO.

  2. Nadine,

    I did that inadvertently. Check out my 4 April, "Removing the Dam Polish" post.


  3. Meg
    The cost of beauty is not cheap. The pedi looks great. I would like to get a pedi in the winter so I could keep it on for a bit but in the summer I am often barefoot and as good as nice polished nails would look I would not be able to take off my shoes and socks.

  4. Wow, $125 for a mani/pedi/back-wax.. Closest I've spent for something like that is a really nice massage downtown for $100, which started with a really nice warm rain shower with the showerhead in the ceiling.

    This is also why I don't do such things.


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