Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spiritual Meg, Part II

Bulletin: I had Univision on this morning for a few minutes.  The women who host  Primer Impacto wear the most fabulous dresses, and it's usually followed by a brief promo featuring another nicely dressed woman.

Today, the promo was replaced by a man wearing a long silver earring.  He then pulled the earring off, and some words appeared on the screen.  I caught Soy and Ella and did a little googling and found:

Por Ella Soy Eva  [For her, I am Eva]
A contemporary romantic comedy with a twist. Elena, a successful single mom, falls in love with a macho man named Juan Carlos, but when he tricks her to win a business deal her heart turns cold. To win her back he’ll do anything - and is forced to swallow his pride (and machismo), transforming himself into a woman named Eva.

It started last night and runs every evening at 8 Eastern.  Spanish, anyone?

NOT What I Wore!

I went through the double doors and saw a "Sanctuary" sign with an arrow.  I walked past the office and saw two women standing further down the lobby.  Both smiled and introduced themselves.  I offered my hand and my name.  I asked where the sanctuary was.  One woman pointed and said "it's right through here, but we have a pre-service wine-and-cheese ~ you can go in and meet some members."


You all know me by now.  I really don't want to schmooze.  I looked puzzled (it was 6:35 now) and asked "when do services start?"  And the other woman said "in about two minutes, so you won't have much time to snack."  I tried to look more disappointed than relieved and followed the crowd.

There were probably between 60 and 80 people in there.  It was an older crowd; I saw very few people younger than me.  The rabbi and cantor (they lead the service) were both on holiday so someone else was leading.  I didn't really care.  I sang (softly) the prayers that I knew, read responsively when it was required.  I was in a row to myself.  An older woman sat in front of me and a couple behind me.

Many services start with members greeting those around them.  I was prepared for that.  This one did not.

After the service there is usually wine and bread (ritual stuff) and some food: fruit, cookies, coffee and such.  I went into the room where they had the food, grabbed a small cup of wine and went to look at a board with pictures of the congregation.  I figured I'd stay for the ritual part and then move on.  A woman came up to me and introduced herself.  I returned the greeting.  She asked if I was a member and I admitted to not being one.  She started to pick up literature about the congregation and I told her where I did belong and she desisted.

I tried to keep up the conversation ~ asked her if she was on the membership committee (obvious); asked about the man who led the service.  They did the blessings over wine and bread and I excused myself with "I have not had dinner" and "it was nice to meet you" and "the leader did a wonderful job."  I discarded my cup and had an uneventful drive home.

And I wish I had some pictures at the synagogue, but they have varying rules about pictures and I did not want to step on a custom.  And that reminds me of a very funny joke that's too long to include here. :D

Two Meg appearances in three days.  W00T!

 Oh...  I ignored this dress before going.  I wish I wore it instead of the wrap.  The wrap looked good but this one is HOT.

Hey...  Did I say "two Meg in three days?"  It turns out it was three Megs in five days! ... continued ...


  1. Meg,

    This post was like a story written by a cub reporter ~ who, what, when, where, etc.

    Please share the subjective side of your encounters with us. Did you pass or blend? How did the civilians react to Meg? Did you experience fears or jitters before going to the service? Did they ease? If so ~ when and why? Do you plan to go back to that synagogue?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Meg
    Now your getting out more than I am
    You look FAB

  3. Meg, great catching up.
    Interesting stories about your sprirtuality thing.
    Gotta say, though, Univision ROCKs the outfits!!
    Hug, Sara


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