Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sticking With the Old Favourite

I am trying on tops and skirts when the lights and air conditioning work.  I have tried on a dozen or more of each, and mostly I have been wearing my favourite bra underneath.

When I was in a lingerie shop in AZ, I asked what size she thought I should wear.  I told her I usually wore a 38C and she suggested I might try a 36D ~ going down a band size means going up a cup size, although I've never understood why.

I believe I wrote about hunting a 36C and 36D bra in the same style so I could compare how they fit and how the forms looked.  The 36C was too small for the forms; the 36D looked and felt right.

Or so I thought.

I put on the 36D Sunday night, after power came back and I wanted to try on some tops and skirts (note: they're not outfits.  Some of the combinations are horrid even to my impaired fashion sense).

I put it on, then pulled on my cinch and a shaping cami.  This is probably overkill, but that's what I put on.

After a few minutes, I had to change bras.  I have no idea how I thought this fit, except I didn't try it long enough.  It is positively painful to wear.  Now, I just have to find out if the swap takes bras.  They're practically new.

Besides, I think C looks pretty proportional.  So no D bra.  Hmmm...  I wonder if parents who name their daughter "DeBra" think about that.

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