Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meg Day Afternoon

Yesterday I had my couples' therapy session.

Today, I have my individual therapy session.

Meg will attend.  I will leave work shortly before 3 and be at my 5:00 session in a nice dress and heels.

I have a couple of reasons for doing this:

* I want her to experience Meg.  I don't know how much interaction she's had with someone who regularly crossdresses.  I know I'm a different woman now than I was when I first started going out.  I want her to know Meg is real.

* I want to focus on the trans issue as it fits into the marriage.  As I mentioned in my latest couples' therapy post, my wife asserted that I don't love myself.  I thought about that a lot and I wonder how much I can love myself when part of me is hiding in that closet we mostly hate.

* I want to go out dressed to a new venue. :)


  1. I wish you the best at your Meg session today and look forward to the full play by play details from dress selection to getting back to the house.

    If you had to put your 'bullet points' in order how would you sort the three reasons you give for attending the session as Meg?


  2. "Love your neighbour as yourself", first you have to love yourself, can you love yourself while imprisoning part of that person you are? Second there has to be a balance, keeping Meg firmly closeted may be an act of love to your wife and family, but does little for your personal balance, and doesn't seem to be helping the marriage much at the moment either. That love has to be two way, maybe you don't love yourself enough because you are not loved enough?

    What ever I hope it goes well and that you do enjoy your Meg time and make some progress.

  3. GO FOR IT!! This sound like any excellent way for you to explore some meg-only feelings and thoughts. You might surprise yourself! I see a great opportunity to see how a person whom knows you in drab can see you in dress! I'm impressed over your courage over this venture! I know you will have a happy experience! Lots of Hugs!!! karen

  4. Meg
    Good for you. I hope it all goes well!

  5. So excited for you Meg! I think this is a fantastic step in this adventure we call life :)

  6. Pat ~ going out dressed is the reason. The other two are excuses. :D


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