Monday, December 12, 2011

You Wear WHAT?

I would like to dig a little bit deeper into my underwear poll.  I wanted you ladies to be able to select only one answer in some groups, so there is a little group of polls instead of one.

Most of you wore panties.  I wanted to know a bit more.  Just a little detail.  "Always" means "always, every day, all the time.  I wouldn't know what to do with undies with a fly."

A bit over half wear some sort of hose.  I wear women's socks over my hose, unless they're at least close to passable.  Does it make sense to wear flowery socks over hose?  Probably not.  And I have to be careful that the socks don't fall down, or my pants go up too much.  Yes, it's better to skip the socks.  Maybe this winter.

Continuing on the hose theme, I was wondering what you wear.  I love the idea of thigh-highs, but they fall down.  I think if they're under pants, every step you take grabs and tugs them down a tiny bit more until your hose are around your ankles and you look like an idiot.

Almost a third wear a bra and I'm intrigued.  Tell me more.

I wear a waist cinch as a support garment but I tried a shaping camisole and loved it.  And someday, I hope to spring for a corset.  It's a lot of money and I'm trying to decide if I want one with a bra or not.  With a bra is probably best for full figure control, but it means I'll wear the same bra every day.  And if I don't like the bra, well, it's all a waste of money then.

In the last poll you can choose one or more.  I'd check everything but pierced earrings.

As always, you can expound on your choices in comments or e-mail.  Mark comments PRIVATE and I won't post them.


  1. I was able to participate in all but the last of your survey questions, as it is missing a "None of the above" category. At this point, underdressing is the farthest I am able to reach in the "I Don't Care" realm of the spectrum.

  2. I bought a corset early this year from a local place that has a good reputation. It's an "underbreast" version that was relatively inexpensive (just over $100); if you'd like to look over their wares, here's a link:

    I find it's not comfortable to wear a corset all the time, but boy does it make a difference when I do. One point--you may find you have to take in a bunch of your skirts and pants when you get a corset.

  3. Today I'm wearing a support cami that I bought last week, tights (no socks), panties, girl sneakers, and my charm bracelet.

  4. Get a corset that has no bra with it! You can change the look up more as well!

  5. I agree about the corset. Go for an underbust one and then you can go from there. I usually wear a lacy demi bra with mine.

    Laura Renee

  6. Not at al sure abot all this, I liek cofort too much to wear a corset, occasionally a waist cincher suspender belt, but that's as far as I go. Currently wearing ladies dress trousers over panties and very sheer tights, with man's dress shirt bow tie and dinner jacket - just home from a concert

  7. I wear panties to work sometimes. I usually wear panties in the evening when I get home, and on the weekend.
    Would like to wear more support clothes, but they are tight, lol!
    Pantyhose and tights, not too often. Would prefer (and sometimes wear) thigh-highs...with thick jeans (lined) to cover the garter lines! :)

  8. When not at work its panties and if its cooler pantyhose and a cami to go with that. Usually a unisex looking top I find in the womans department. Like a little eyeshadow and lip gloss.


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