Thursday, December 22, 2011

That Flurry of Polls ~ Panties

When in drab, I wear panties... (93 votes)
never10 (10%)
when the mood strikes21 (22%)
as often as I can28 (30%)
always34 (36%)

Almost 100 of you voted on the first poll. Ten of you are purists ~ no panties when presenting as male. I know I have a couple of non-dressers on the site, and I don't know if they voted but if I say 10% separate male and female completely, it's probably pretty close to reality.

And I feel safe in saying that if one doesn't wear panties when presenting as a male, one is wearing all male clothing. I don't think there is a significant number of dressers who wear other female clothing while in drab, and not panties. I didn't ask, and I could be wrong.

About a third always wear panties (as do I), and another near-third wear "as often as I can", which I take to mean "not when I have a doctor's appointment, or I'm going to the gym, or I'm getting a massage, or not while I'm deployed in Afghanistan." So I'll read that as almost 2/3 of us would wear panties all the time, if it was possible.

There is a good reason for the "as often" and "always" split: if I'm going to the gym or doctor or for a massage I'm wearing panties. I do have some fairly plain white cotton briefs, but no men's underwear. If you want a story, "they're imported. In most countries, underwear doesn't have a fly." Lace, of, course, is trickier to explain. :)  You can always go with the typical tv-porn "I ran out and this was the only thing my wife had that would fit me."  Keep in mind that your audience is almost certainly to consist of people who've never read Fictionmania.

My story?  If someone asks "are those women's panties?" I will answer "no, they're mine," which is absolutely true.  If pressed, I'll say they come from the women's department, and I prefer them to men's underwear.

Mostly, people don't see my underwear.


  1. Two minor points as to my likely selection of the "as often" option.
    With certain types of pantihose or tights I may not wear panties since the hose, typically a type with some spandex in the panty area, serves the same purpose.
    Unlike you, if I have to visit a doctor or will be in a locker room changing with others I will wear boxers. When I do have to wear boxers rather than my preferred panties or pantihose I do not feel properly dressed.

  2. Good for you on giving a straight answer! Nobody is going to believe a story like "I ran out" or "they're imported"; if I heard that I'd just roll my eyes and change the subject. Anyhow, docs have seen it all. But I'm with Pat... when I go somewhere it's likely my underwear will be seen, I dip into my small (2 pair) stash of men's boxers.

    The first time I bought panties from a mail order catalog (pre-internet), I was on the phone with the sales rep and she needed to clarify something so she asked "Mrs. MyLastName?"

    I panicked. I didn't know whether to correct her or just go along with her assumption, and after a few seconds hesitation I pitched my voice up a bit and said "Yes?"

    Stupid idea. In the background I could hear giggles... I didn't fool anyone. Now of course thanks to the internet I never have to deal with nosy, judgemental clerks.

  3. I voted in the "when the mood strikes" category. This is due to the fact that I almost never wear panties to work, for fear of them being seen in the men's restroom. When not wearing panties, I wear men's briefs (never could stand wearing boxers), which are also the exclusive apparel for the gym. I'm still too far on the "I Care" continuum to always wear panties, or even as often as I can.


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