Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That Flurry of Polls ~ Support

My support garment of choice is... (71 votes)
a panty girdle12 (16%)
a full girdle, like grandma wore6 (8%)
a waist cinch19 (26%)
a corset10 (14%)
a spanx-type camisole11 (15%)
I don't need no stinkin' girdle!13 (18%)

Yay to the one-in-six who don't need any waist assist. Or who don't care. :)

For me, it's about the external, not the internal: I want to present as the best woman I can, but I don't need to feel I am a woman inside and out.

Before I went out, I didn't bother with any support at all. When I first started thinking about going out the door, I found a woman who helped other men dress. She told me what to bring, and among the items was a corset or waist cinch or whatever I use. I told her I didn't use anything.

But I started thinking, and when I tried on clothes the next time... well, there was a little tummy I would prefer to not have. So I bought a waist cinch, probably mail order although I don't remember.

To finish the story: she had to cancel at the last minute, leaving me stuck at home.  The next time I had an opportunity, I wrote to her and she said she was in the process of moving out of state.

Someday, I hope to save my money and get a corset but that's kind of scary to me.  The thought of improving my figure isn't scary ~ my habit of overbuying is. I'm afraid I'll have a thousand dollars worth of corsets in my closet!

I bought a couple of "slimming" camisoles and the one I tried in Arizona really seemed to work well. I haven't tried the other in "battle conditions" so no report yet. Under one form-fitting dress, the camisole alone gave me the best shape. Under the skirts/tops I wore in Arizona, a cinch and slimming cami worked best. I'll just have to experiment. And probably overpack.

Girdles don't interest me. They're female, of course, but just not feminine. My opinion.

About a quarter of you use a cinch as your waistmaker of choice. Another quarter like girdles. Fourteen percent go for the corset.... How do you like it?

And fifteen percent like the power of the camisole. If you have a favourite brand or style, I'd love to get some recommendations!


  1. I like the vanity fair spin cami's. They only give mild support but they sure are comfy, and if you are tall just get the spin slip in the shorter version. It wont pull out under jeans as the camis tend to ride up.

  2. Sorry this may be a bit long, but you did ask how people like their corsets.
    Normally, I don't wear any type of cinching garment; I rely on the shape of a skirt to create the illusion. Sometimes though I will wear a corset, and it certainly helps with more than the figure. I find myself standing and sitting straighter with better posture and I don't have to consciously think about pulling my shoulders back. The limits of bending cause me to move and act in a more feminine manner. Also, I can tighten it to my preference to make the waist smaller or better support for shaping the chest area. In a proper size, I find that corsets can be very comfortable and extremely helpful in getting the right feminine figure and behavior.


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