Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh The Irony!

This is old news, but sometimes I'm behind the times.

From the Concord (NH) Monitor, April 8 2009:

Men in kilts to debate rights of men in skirts

Today is Tartan Day in the New Hampshire House, the annual holiday when House members of Scottish heritage and sympathies bust out their plaids, and many men sport kilts.

The day begins with a re-vote on the transgender rights bill.

The bill, which opponents have dubbed the "bathroom bill, " failed two weeks ago. It would ban discrimination by landlords, employers and others against individuals who were born into one sex but who identify as the other.

Yes, that's right: Today, a proud tribe that some deride as men in skirts just might debate the rights of a proud tribe that critics decry as . . . men in skirts.

The Monitor checked in with Gerri Cannon, a Merrimack carpenter who has become one of the chief lobbyists for House Bill 415 and who was at the State House yesterday making the rounds. Born male, Cannon identifies as a woman, takes hormones to soften her features and hopes to have surgery one day.
Cannon had a good long laugh at the coincidence. "What a great day to vote on this!" Cannon said. She said she'd check her closet to see if she has any plaid to wear for the occasion.

Rep. Ed Butler, the sponsor of HB 415, chuckled.

"All I can say is that there will be men in skirts, or if you will, kilts, waiting in the wings!" he said.

A Daily Kos article can be found here.

Two final comments:
* I seem to remember something in Femulate from around then, so I checked.  Stana was writing about a CT bill at the same time.
* Good news: the bill passed by ONE VOTE 188-187.  Bad news: 187 of New Hampshire's best and brightest thought discriminating against some of their citizens was a good idea.

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  1. Best and brightest? They're politicians, not scientists!



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