Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Is Coming!

 I know, you've been wondering what you can get your favourite blogger this year.  Well, keep your jewelry and clothes and all.  There's only one thing I want....

(and you can find this on youtube, right here.  It's sing along time!)

I Want a Boob-job for Christmas {by Virginia Kegel}

Every Christmas morning, underneath the tree
Lots of lovely presents, are waiting there for me
And though I'm quite delighted, it's hard to get excited
Who needs another sweater? Hey Santa
There is something that I'd like a whole lot better!
Are you listening, Santa?
I've been a good girl this year
And there's only one thing that I want…

I want a boob job for Christmas, big old knockers out to here
It would make me proud to be endowed like the Playmate of the Year
I want a boob job for Christmas, make them big and make them wide
The only blimps as big as these say "Goodyear" on the side

Heaving hefty happy hooters
Squishy gushy lactic shooters
Loads of curvy cleavage on display


Lusty busty watermelons
Each as big as Mount Saint Helens
That is what she wants this holiday

Santa, give me this one gift.
It's not my spirits that are sagging, it's my boobs that need a lift!
Oh Santa, you know this Christmas season, give me a pair of juicy jugs
And you can be the first to squeeze em!

I want a boob job for Christmas, spongy silicone balloons
Who needs a boat? I can stay afloat
With my bulging chest pontoons.

Bursting beeping bouncing bozos
Wild and wiggly whopping waldos
Nestled in a cup that's Double D

Yee hoo!

Massive milky meaty mammaries
Big enough to feed two families
Santa won't you listen to her pleas?

Santa, please!
I want a boob job for Christmas
And when you've done that Santa dear
If it's okay, send my way
A nose job round next year.

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  1. Love this song, Meg...thanks for sharing. I especially love the chorus "Bursting beeping bouncing bozos, Wild and wiggly whopping waldos, Nestled in a cup that's Double D".

    I'm gonna have to get the Bob Rivers album. Between this song and "Walkin Round in Women's Underwear"...well...really gets you in the Holiday mood...you know?


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