Tuesday, December 27, 2011

That Flurry of Polls ~ Bras

When in drab, I wear a bra... (80 votes)
never23 (28%)
if I'm sure it won't show23 (28%)
if I think it won't show22 (27%)
I don't care if it shows ~ I like it8 (10%)
I don't care if it shows ~ I need one2 (2%)
I need one and I try my best to hide it2 (2%)

I admit that, as much as I'd like to, I have rarely worn a bra unless fully dressed.  There are just too many ways to get called out, and I'm not ready for that at this point in my life.  If the shoulder or back strap don't show through (and they often do) the saggy cups are a sure giveaway.  I'd get a bra with a cup that "fits" but they don't seem to make AA in my size.  There are some sports bras I could try, but they don't seem all that feminine, and that, for me, is a big part of the attraction.

I think I'm pretty far along the "don't care" scale.

So I was surprised that almost two thirds of you wear bras!  And, of those, for more than half of you it's OK if it's seen.

I'm sure most of us agree that a bra is the ultimate feminine item, but it's also the hardest to explain, if you need to explain it.  "I need one," as 4% of you said, is a good explanation.

I need to see if I have any unpadded bras handy.  Friday, I'll probably wear a denim shirt and that covers almost anything.  Almost anything.


  1. Sorry for not having taken the poll but this [http://www.intimobella.nl/sloggi-double-comfort-top-zwart.html] kind of bra is quite comfortable and wearable even when in drab.

  2. There have been times when I was dressed at home and needed to stop out for an errand. I would leave my undergarments, along with forms, in place and overdress. Typically I would not wear socks so my hose could be seen but I would toss on a windbreaker or other top so that my upper for would not be easy to see.

  3. The thing I have discovered about a bra under my boy clothes is that people don't see what they aren't looking for. I have worn a bra under sweatshirts many times and often into busy restaurants. I am bigger gal, but my bra boosts my breasts so that they are very noticeable. I have never had a problem. I think it is because folks are not expecting a guy to have breasts, let alone wear a bra.


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