Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Don't Dream It, Be It

I've been talking a lot about underdressing.  The polls have also been about stretching the envelope a bit, and for the past few weeks I've been trying to do just that.

Because I'll wear men's clothes until they're threadbare, I normally wear a plain white cotton tank-style camisole under my shirt.  Since the tank is plainly visible, it took a step "outside the box" to wear that instead of a more traditional male t-shirt.  But now they're the most "masculine" item I wear underneath a shirt.

When I wear heavier shirts, like polos or denim, I wear a regular camisole underneath.  I try to match the colour to the shirt colour, but that's just for me.  No-one should see the cami.  There's always a chance: I generally don't tuck casual shirts into my pants but the cami is tucked in.  If the shirt shifts, the cami doesn't.  I've decided that's less of a problem than, say, wearing a too-short skirt and giving a show.

But for the past three weeks now, I've been wearing whatever cami I feel like under whatever shirt I'm going to wear.  I haven't worn a plain white cotton tank during that time.  I've worn a plain white silky tank, or a white or beige "control" camisole under a shirt that's a bit thin, but that's as close as I've gotten.  Other than that, I've been trying to wear a different cami each day (and I have way too many of them).  Most have thin straps or thin straps with adjusters.  Many have patterns or lace or other details.  Some have "built-in bra support" which is a bit uncomfortable without a bra.  Some feel great, some tug a bit, But I enjoy the feeling and I'll keep on doing this.

Normally, I wear women's socks.  If anyone cared to look, they'd see flowers or patterns or some pinks or purples or bright blues ~ some unexpected colour.  I have solid pink socks I wear with pink shirts, and solid green socks to wear with a green shirt.  I try to have some sock colour match some other colour I'm wearing.

But not for the past almost-two-weeks now.  In the past I've worn black pantyhose or stockings under (plain) black socks.  I haven't done that for a couple of years.  I think I stopped because it's just too much work to go to the bathroom, or maybe I was concerned that people would notice the sock end and the hose continue on, or maybe I stopped when I switched to women's socks.  I'm not really sure.

What I decided to do was skip the socks and just wear dark tights.  So far, it's been black or brown or grey, matching what shirt or pants I'm wearing, but I wore white instead of white socks one day and I have a pink pair that I may wear next time I put on a pink shirt.

It feels weird to be wearing plain coloured "socks" after wearing flowers and such but it's nice to be wearing hose, and it feels nice on my legs.  And I have a couple of pair of textured tights and I'm looking for more.  Today I have vertical stripe tights ~ grey and black.

I've also been wearing lip gloss.  It's a clear gloss and not very glossy, but it's definitely there and when I use it up I will get another that's a bit glossier.

It's far from what I want, but it's a step away from dream it towards be it.


  1. Most of the time I wear pantihose under my slacks. The color can vary from white to nude to black and all shades in between. Most of the time I will wear black socks over my hose. If I am going to just be in the car or just standing around in a store or out to dinner in a darker restaurant or one with a table cloth I may abandon the socks.
    With some regularity when wearing tights or opaque I will not wear socks.
    My wife knows that I am almost always in hosiery and I know that she has seen me sans socks on several occasions but as long as she is confident that no one else will realize what I have on she will tolerate this behavior.

  2. I too have been pushing teh envelope - Hose under jeans feels nice, and unless somene is looking very hard won't give the game away. If anyone does notice and asks just tell them you like it.


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