Monday, December 26, 2011

That Flurry of Polls ~ Hosiery, Part II

When in drab, with women's hose, I prefer... (80 votes)
stockings with garters14 (17%)
thigh-highs14 (17%)
pantyhose34 (42%)
tights15 (18%)
women's socks3 (3%)

Pantyhose seems to be the choice of women everywhere!

42% wear pantyhose and about one in six of you each wear tights, thigh-highs, or stockings with garters.

I bet if I did a gg poll, it would be mostly pantyhose with tights in second place ~ tights and black hose seem to be the 2011 winter fashion statement, at least around here.

For me, as I mentioned, I've skipped the women's socks, and am all tights now. That's my new winter legwear. I made an interesting discovery about tights and I'll share that in a future post. I will be visiting family in New York next week and, I'll be back in my girl socks.  And I hope to meet one of my readers (alas, in drab) next week too!

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  1. Of course there maybe some margin for error here, with English speakers using tights and pantyhose to mean the same thing


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