Friday, December 23, 2011

That Flurry of Polls ~ Hosiery, Part I

When in drab, if I'm wearing stockings, pantyhose, or tights... (74 votes)
I show the world15 (20%)
I show the world, but only if they're passable, like opaque tights23 (31%)
I wear socks over them30 (40%)
I wear women's socks over them6 (8%)

Seventy-four votes here. The cool thing is, that means that 3/4 of my readers wear some sort of women's hosiery when presenting as a male. I would have guessed a much lower figure.

I am now in the "show if they're passable" slot, along with about a third of you. In fact, I'm wearing patterned black tights today.  There seem to be two types of patterned tights: ones that are different threads to make up the pattern and ones that are an open weave, kind of like fishnet stockings.  I wear the former.  Showing skin is sort of a giveaway.

I'd love to give a big cheer to the "show the world" group and if you'd like to drop me a note I'd like to know more. Do you wear regular sheer stockings, coloured hose, fishnets, what? and not mind if people see? I'd like to get to that level and I'd like to know what you do. (I feel like I'm asking for a game cheat, here.)

As for the almost-half of you who wear socks or women's socks with their hose, I used to do that. Then I thought about it. Sometimes, you can see over the top of my socks, depending on how I'm sitting. I don't think I want people to see stockings over the top of my socks. I think I might look into getting some patterned knee-highs or very long socks so I can wear my garters and stocking and not get too many odd looks. I need to think this through.

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  1. Since I wear pantihose every day with either a suit or business casual mens wear, I most often wear socks over them. Most of my socks are high enough to handle pant leg ride up.

    On weekends I may wear tights and more often than not will not wear socks.

    On circumstances where I will be on the move, mostly standing or seated in an area that is either dark or where there are table cloths I will go with regular hose without socks.

    Last night, for example, I had to make a run out to Home Depot. I had already taken my work socks off so I just slipped on my deck shoes over my sheer black pantihose. I noted that I had a rather significant run in my pantihose. Somehow, in an off beat fashion, there is some extra feminine affirmation about a stocking run. There is also something affirming about being in that macho haven Home Depot with a bit of sheer stocking peeking out between my pant leg and shoe.


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