Friday, December 9, 2011

Walking Round in Women's Underwear

If you're my one reader who hasn't heard this Bob Rivers song, google it.  I think there are some youtube videos out, in addition to the lyrics.

Now, about that underdressing poll....

132 of you answered the poll.  I'm guessing my GG readers passed, just to avoid the monotony.  Yes, I wear panties.  Yes, I wear girls' socks.  Yes, I wear hose.  Yes....

Twelve percent (16 ladies) compartmentalise: when male, you only wear male clothing.  When female, it's all girl.  I really can't remember, but I think from the time it occurred to me that I could wear women's clothing under my regular clothing, I started to do so ~ when I could.  Mostly, I couldn't, because of other people in my life.  Which leads to:

Sixteen percent (22 of you) would like to underdress, but circumstances don't allow.  I'm surprised this is that low.  I'm happy that most of you who want to underdress can underdress.

A good majority of you, like me, prefer panties and wear them at least half of the time.  I think I mentioned that I tossed all of my male underwear.  If someone sees my underwear, well I really don't care.

A quarter of you wear girls' socks.  I always do, and I wonder why it's so low.  It could be just the difficulty in getting large socks (there are some, and some stretchy socks).  Or it could be that there's so little difference that it's not worth the trouble.  Maybe they cross the line between under and outer wear and many feel uncomfortable if the socks are overtly feminine, and if they're not, well, why bother?

I think I answered my own question.  I bet most don't wear socks because you'd rather wear the more feminine stockings, pantyhose, or tights.  Almost two thirds of you wear them!  Plus, it's easier to get stockings that fit no matter how masculine your feet are.  I think, with the cooler weather, I'll make a point of wearing them more too.

Almost forty percent wear camisoles.  I love them.  I think, for me, it's a slip substitute.  I've noticed a lot of us like slips.

One in six wears a support garment.  I normally don't, but I almost always do when dressed.

This was the most surprising to me: Almost a third of you wear a bra!  I'd love to know more.  I would if I could, but it never seems practical.

And I guess I missed some options: fifteen percent said "something else."  I also had some private e-mails where you said you where some light makeup and maybe that's what readers had in mind, but that's not really "underdressing," is it?

But you also inspired me, and for the past week I've been wearing Cover Girl Wetslicks lip gloss over my regular lip balm (which isn't so regular ~ right now I'm using Softlips Wildberry.  And for those who don't know, I try to link to Amazon because if anyone follows any of these links and buys anything from Amazon, I get a shekel.  The lip gloss is somewhat subtle (although you can see the "wet lips" look) and doesn't last as long as I'd like, but it's a step towards I don't care, and next time I think I'll get something glossier.  So thank you for the idea.

Update: I wrote It's follow-up time!  There are four mini-polls on the right.  Please answer as appropriate.  I apologise to my cisgender readers.  You might enjoy ~ or be surprised ~ by the results. but the mini-polls won't be up until Monday morning.  Thanks for catching my oops, Ralph!

Here are the complete poll results:
No. Male is male, and female is female
  16 (12%)
No, but I would if I could
  22 (16%)
I wear panties more often than not
  84 (63%)
I wear girls' socks
  34 (25%)
I wear stockings, pantyhose, or tights
  69 (52%)
I wear a camisole when I can
  52 (39%)
I wear a bra. Shhhh....
  41 (31%)
I wear a support undergarment
  24 (18%)
I wear something else
  20 (15%)


  1. Meg, you mention four mini-polls to the right of the article but the only poll I see is the (closed) one about underdressing.

  2. Being partially underdressed is a means of affirming a part of my nature and serves as a constant reminder that there is more to me than meets the eye.
    There is also the ever present mother's admonition about always wearing clean underwear in case you are in an accident.
    A month ago after a tough day at work that just would not end I was driving home. Others were still emailing me and calling but I wanted to get home. I had already been in the office about 12 hours.
    While looking at my blackberry I did not perceive that traffic stopped and I rammed my car into the back of an SUV. The trailer hitch and bumper caused $11K damage to my car.
    My right shin struck the dashboard and I could feel the pain and also feel the growing bump. I had a sense that there was some bleeding and felt for sure that the skin was bruised.
    Even though it was night there were enough lights that I could not let the people from the other car, the help truck guy, the tow truck guy or the trooper see me pull up my pants leg. You bet that I was aware that I was wearing black pantihose.
    The leg has healed and I should be able to pick up my car tomorrow.
    Of course this experience has had no impact on my underdressing but I am forcing myself to ignore the blackberry. careful out there.


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