Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What I Missed

While I was in Arizona late last month, I missed a Halloween party thrown by my state senator.  He met "Meg" once before, and I would have welcomed the chance to introduce her again ~ and this time Get Pictures!

But for the past several years, I've read about the Dupont Circle (a neighrborhood in DC) High Heel race, usually after it's over.  I've wanted to attend for a number of years, but logistics are hard.  I have a choice of the "perfect" shoes ~ platforms I can barely walk in or pumps I can run in.  I just need to figure out my goal.

Read about the 2011 race here.

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  1. It seems that for every time Pat gets out the door there are a dozen or two events, meetings, parties, etc. that Pat could have attended.
    Time is tight and my wife seems to intuitively know that if we do not have another plan on any particular Saturday night that Pat will be itching to get out. Most often it is a simple dinner out.
    I was just checking old emails with the local support group. My last visit was 11 months ago. Perhaps this weekend will be different. Don't hold your breath.


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