Friday, December 30, 2011

Too Much Time?

After I explained my holiday picture, Paula commented that I have "too much spare time."

I know she was joking, but it caused me to look at how much time being trans takes.

Just going out shopping dressed is a full day affair.  I allow two hours to get ready, and another hour or so to take off the makeup and become my old drab self and put away all of my clothes for next time.  Two hours of shopping becomes a five hour event.  For my readers who prefer to go far from home for fear of being seen, it's a seven or eight hour commitment.  And that doesn't count the prep work (for me, anyway): body shaving earlier in the week so it's not such a chore on going-out day, getting my haircut and eyebrows waxed and maybe some other body waxing....  And special shopping trips for a new dress or other outfit.  If it wasn't for my girl clothes, I'd probably never set foot in a department store.

I generally spend at least an hour reading other blogs and articles.  More time is spent writing to t-friends.  I spend a tiny amount of time on facebook and have been afraid to learn more about google+ just because I don't have the time!

The picture took the better part of a day.  I had to change outfits and hair and make sure everything was positioned just right as I took several pictures of each "woman" to ensure I could create what I envisioned.  It's not quite what I hoped for ~ The "blonde" was wearing really cute boots that I couldn't get into the montage.  And I wanted "her" turned so a bit of face showed, but not enough to identify.  And my photoshop (actually, Paint Shop Pro) skills are not very good so there was a lot of guesswork.

But that was a one-of.

I spend at least 30 minutes writing each blog post, even if it's just a cartoon.  Some posts take a couple of hours.  (That horrible story wrote itself.)

So the big question isn't if I have "too much spare time."  The big question is, is it worth the time I spend dressing up, learning about it, writing about it, sharing experiences with and encouraging others like me, and so on.

The big question is, is this a good way to spend a big slice of a short lifetime?


  1. Meg,

    Just to repeat myself...I liked your story. I think you have a flair for fact based fiction.

    On the subject of today's blog while I consider myself a run of the mill CD I think a better description is "shoe-horn" CD. My time in woman's clothes is crammed into a tight schedule. I take every opportunity to get as dressed as I can, "shoehorning" my dressing into ill fitting time compartments.

    Like you said, going the full boat, head to toe, takes a lot of time. The pre-planning alone is daunting.

    I think our dressing is more complicated and time consuming that that of most GGs. You mention some of the extra concerns in your post but unlike a GG where a reasonable allotment of time for dressing, makeup, etc. is considered par for the course, much of what we do has to be done in some sort of a closet.

    I was able to get out a few weeks ago with my wife's consent to attend a TG meeting. Even though it was dark out when I left my home my wife does not like me to leave while dressed. After showering and shaving I completely underdressed, hose, slip, bra, girdle and then I put on my red wrap dress and over that I put on a long sleeve guys pullover shirt and my black guy jeans. I applied a light coat of foundation, a single stroke of mascara and then packed my bag. Into the duffle went the makeup kit and accessories, my purse, My breast forms, two wigs, my thin banded watch, my femme reading glasses, etc. I then packed my not yet worn red peep toe pumps that went with that red wrap dress.

    I was almost ready to launch when my brain lapse lifted and I remembered that I had worn this same dress to a prior meeting I had gone to with this group. Now I was over dressed and running out of time. I then grabbed another red sheath/duster outfit (trying to keep with the Christmas theme) but then realized that this red dress was sort of an orange/red and would clash with the red peep pumps. Into the bag went the sheath/duster and my black bow pumps.

    Finally I get out the door and realize that I did not pack a hair brush or comb for either of the wigs that were in my travel duffle. After coming up dry at the Mobil/Mart and the Hess/Mart I found a brush at the Shell/7-11.
    As I get back in the car off go my deck shoes and on go the black pumps. I also inserted the breast forms since wearing them make the bra fit more comfortably.

    Of course, I am late to the meeting but I have the dressing room to myself. Off with the jeans and mens top. Then off comes the red wrap dress and on goes the red sheath/duster. Back on with the black pumps, finish the makeup, on with the jewelry and accessories, pick out and comb out a wig, check my purse and finally join the meeting.

    After the meeting I went for a visit to a CD friendly bar that I had never been to before, Amanda's Hideaway at the PL Lounge. Since it was darker in the bar than at the meeting I switched to my not quite matching red peeps. Of course, I needed to touch up my makeup.

    What else can I say...getting out while dressed is complicated and very time consuming...I just wish I could do it all again soon.


    Even writing about what we do takes a chunk of time but that is the point of your on target post. The above events were "shoehorned" around a slew of holiday family and friend committments.

  2. I think you need to let Meg help you dress and push your male side away! Guys are great at throwing on a pair of pants and shirt (are they supposed to match?) and out the door! Then an hour later, wondering why the yellow pants and orange shirt aren't such a great look! and he's wearing summer wear in middle of winter! Your girl side is insuring you'll be comfortable, dressed to a "T", before you leave. Considering each part of an outfit is the reason girls take time- planning, color looks, style. All I can say is "rock on" if you've planned your outfit you are not only going "pass" with colors you're going to be "perfect model" Maybe someday you'll just throw something on, but I think then you will have lost you feminine charm! :) Karen

  3. I often feel guilty, having been married to a TG spouse and almost never taking the time to make myself up. He never wanted me to (except on rare occasions) and after reading this plus Pat's comments, maybe it was because he thought it was too much effort on my part. But it really doesn't take me too long to get fully decked out, and it is FUN after all to see the results from time to time. (KWIM)
    One of my favorite things I have been told by my friendly neighbor is "We only do the things we want to do in life." So if it's something that is important to you, somehow and somewhere the time and money will be found to accomplish it. I thought the pic was awesome when you told what it was! And it sounds like something very similar to what I'd spend time doing myself.


  4. Too true! Getting ready and tidying away after takes so long.

    I timed myself once, and working flat out it took two hours to get dressed and made up. It usually takes longer. It's hard work, but worth it!



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