Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I Didn't Do

Blues for Challah.  As Meg.  It's a weekend Jewish workshop with a Grateful Dead twist.

I went to a Jewish meditation and Kabbalah-oriented workshop a number of years ago and had a good time and learned a lot.  I did not attend that weekend as Meg.

I seriously considered it.  I worked out the expenses so I could get a private room with a bath, and how to get up there via train or car.

I'm not a religious person; I'm more spiritual and this seemed to combine two things that would interest me:

- spirituality
- The Grateful Dead

I think I'm ready for a weekend.  I think I'd be OK talking to people and interacting as needed and I might even enjoy it more as Meg.  Plus, everyone I talk to would have two things in common: the religion and the music.

But in the end, there were too many problems.  My work responsibilities have changed and I need to get some reports out now ~ reports that are due at the end of the week and must contain up-to-the-minute information.  Taking off Friday would be difficult.

Plus, it's a long trip.  I thought it was in the Pennsylvania Berkshires, but it's in Connecticut.  It would be about a six hour drive, or a long DC-to-New York train, plus another train to CT, plus an hour or so cab ride.

And it would be cold.  Meg's wardrobe isn't very cold-weather friendly.  I don't even own a coat, and I don't want one.  My closet it quite full already and coats take a LOT of room.

So, in the end, there were too many excuses.

Yes, I know I changed a word.  No, I'm not sure which word is correct.

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  1. The CD "out" zone is between 10 and 80 miles from home and/or work.
    There would be little comfort getting out within 10 miles of home or work where the odds of encountering someone would be so great as to be on your mind all the time. Over 80 miles would take a drive over an hour and a half in both directions. Refer to you prior post on "Too Much Time" LOL.


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