Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Girls' Day Out - The Next Logical Step

(Before getting to the post, I want to say again: Please consider going to a Transgender Day of Remembrance event this coming weekend.  I'll be at the Fairfax event.)

"So how did you find the women in Tucson?"
"I just opened the door marked 'women' and there they were!"

I walked up to the men's room door, turned sharply, and went into the women's room.

It was as empty as the hotel corridor.  I picked a stall, closed the door and... the door wouldn't lock.  I went into the next stall and the lock was good enough.  I hung my purse on a hook, moved everything I had to move and sat down.
A little digression here.

I bought an incredibly stretchy and tight Spanx-type camisole to replace the ones I couldn't find but knew I brought with me.  Funny thing.... Friday night, I found them in the only compartment I didn't empty completely.

I brought a "club" dress with me.  It's purple, a tad short, very stretchy and I love it.  There's a problem: there's a li'l bit of a bulge.  I thought I might buy something to hide that and be able to wear it if I went out with some of the ladies.  When I tried the dress on over this camisole it looked great and there was no sign of a bulge!  And this was without my constant companion, my waist cinch.  I found the perfect undergarment!

Click to see the cami/top effect.  Or to stare at my boobs. :D
I also picked this camisole because it had a higher neck and the scoop of the top I was planning to wear was a bit low.  I wanted a kind of "crescent moon" look.  I wasn't even looking at the slimming aspect.  I even picked a large because the straps are further apart and I'd get a better look, even though I thought a medium would work, because it was so stretchy.

In reality, it was so tight that I couldn't even pull it over my head!  I had to step into it and pull it up.  But, again, the look was great.

I had a choice of three skirts that I bought last week, as I mentioned before.  I decided to go with the longer skirt, because it just looked and felt great.  If it was a few inches shorter I wouldn't have minded, but it was swingy, pretty, and fit perfectly.  But I really needed my cinch, so I had the cinch and camisole.

I didn't get to wear that dress, but I wore the cami under my top as you can see above.

OK, back to the ladies' room.  My stockings made things a bit easier but I still had to figure out where to put the skirt, skirt lining, cinch, camisole, and the bottom of my top.  Then I had to get everything back to where it was, and make sure everything was smooth and straight.  It was a pain, but such a singularly feminine experience that I really didn't mind.  I'm always in awe, every time I do something for the first time that women do regularly.  And I'm glad my hose was hosed so I had on the stockings.  And I'm glad I at least knew that stockings/garters go on before panties do!

I touched up my lipstick in the stall and exited a still-empty ladies' room.  But that wasn't my fault or my plan.  It's like the empty hotel lobby: if someone was there and wanted to interact, that was OK, but I wasn't going to look for people to interact with.  Especially there in the ladies' room.


  1. Congratulations on another fine adventure in femdom.
    BTW the photos look great. You did a great job of putting together your outfit and your look.
    Keep on keeping on.

  2. Well done! the Ladies room and Stockings, you are gettin ever more adventurous, more ticks on your list. Now you know another reason why ladies always ake so long. ;-)

  3. As much as anything else, I have enjoyed getting an appreciation for the time and patience women require to look good. So, have you started paying attention to which direction you wipe?

    @Paula; it always surprises me how fast my wife can be.


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