Friday, November 25, 2011


(three days to go)

OK, new poll.  I thought I hid it yesterday but seven of you found it anyway!

I underdress.  I don't mean that I wear shorts to jeans occasions, or I wear jeans to dinner parties (although I sort of do that too, when I'm in drab).  I mean I crossdress, underneath.

As my male socks tear, they are replaced by women's socks.  I no longer own any male underwear.  I sometimes, especially in colder weather, wear pantyhose or tights under my slacks.  Although I usually wear socks over pantyhose, I usually wear black tights without socks.

I own no male undershirts.  I do own a number of camisoles and under a heavier shirt I'll wear a lacy one with thin straps.  Under a lighter shirt, I wear a more "tank top" type of camisole.

I have worn a waist cinch under my shirt/pants.  I don't do that often though.  On rare occasions, I've worn a bra under my clothes.

I know that some of us never underdress. I know that some of us overdress ~ we wear "passable" female clothes.  I have a few shirts that button on "the wrong side," most of my jeans are women's jeans, and my shoes are from Aerosoles; my casual shoes are women's New Balance.  Some of us wear a bit of makeup all or some of the time.

But that's another poll for another day.  Please take my "underdressing" poll.  I'm curious.  And feel free to e-mail me or drop a comment if you checked "something else."


  1. I believe that I was one of the few who "voted" early on your poll. While I would love to have selected more options than wearing panties, I'm not there yet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Which leads to the next question.... What's stopping you, Arianwen?

  3. --More useful as a survey question, perhaps? I see more options than what is provided.

  4. I don't see my case ... occasionally, and almost always because I've changed out of or about to change into female mode. I do use a tinted moisturizer everyday, and sometimes artfully-applied powder and neutral lipstick.

  5. Lizzy, I didn't really consider makeup. Hmmmm.... I use glossy lip balm. Sometimes.

    If it wasn't for the makeup, I'd say you separate them ~ if I'm going to change, even before I started underdressing, I'd be wearing hose and panties and maybe more under my regular clothes.

  6. I underdress with panties and pantihose daily...unless there is a reason not to such as a doctor's appointment.

    I started wearing tights under my pants in the 1970s when I had a job in law enforcement that had me working both inside and outside in cooler weather. I hated the feel and texture of long johns and while they were ok when outdoors they were just uncomfortably hot when indoors or inside a vehicle. I found tights and then pantihose it made me feel good and gave me some contact with ladies attire.

    In the 1980s I had a job that required me to wear a suit. Since I worked indoors I could not justify the need to wear pantihose as being related to the need for warmth when outside. I noticed that my wool suit pants were prone to wearing out in the crotch. It was a shame to have to discard a suit with a perfectly good jacket and vest just because the pants would wear out. The solution was to wear pantihose and/or a pants liner slip under my suit pants. The wear life of my suits was extended saving me lots of money for a small investment in nylon. An added benefit is that I find wool pants to itch. Sheathing my legs with a layer of nylon eliminted the discomfort of wearing wool slacks.

    These reasons were good justification to myself for underdressing and also provided a reasonable explanation to my wife for my constantly wearing pantihose.

    I suppose you can just nickname me the "Pragmatic CD".


  7. You're just looking for an excuse, Pat. Don't deny it. We'll still be your friends.

  8. To comment on the something else part, like you I wear as many female undergarments as feasable and practical everyday. I also wear a tinted moisturizer and a light power over that almost daily along with some clear mascara. More recently I have been wearing womens jeans almost all the time and blouses when they are abit male oriented. I rarely receive a negative comment and when I go into a store to shop for other things the clerk are very aware of my attire and are very helpful. I learn more from them that way.

  9. I am having to do this again, as the Google account issue raised its head and when I attempted to go back, I lost everything. .

    I am 54 and live in middle United States. I have been under dressing for several years It started back in 1975 when I was in 9th grade and I wore a pair of panties to class one night (night school). I was worried that someone would notice. No one did. .

    Over the years my under dressing changed a bit. In my early 30's I started wearing a bra with no forms. and panties regularly. Over time, I started wearing womens shoes, starting with white leather keds.

    These days, I frequently wear a bra with size 4 Amoena forms, bra, panties, socks and shoes. For shoes, I wear anything from womens athletic shoes to black ballet flats or mary janes.

    I work as an RN and wear scrubs. Needless to say, a bra is pretty well out, but I always wear panties, womens socks and shoes. I've never had a problem.

    I usually go out with my wife once a week, seriously underdressed with, as I mentioned bra, size 4 amoena forms (about a 38B), panties, socks, and ballet flats. I have never had a problem wearing these things. . but something funny did happen once.

    I was in Oklahoma city in a Barnes and Nobles. It was probably '98 or so. I was wearing white leather keds and jeans. I had turned a corner and a middle age man was standing there staring at my shoes. Mouth Agape. I have no idea what he was thinking, but he never said anything and never caused a problem.

    I buy some less expensive shoes at Payless. The woman there knows me on a first named basis, and is always happy to help me with womens shoes. I've never had a problem trying on or looking at womens shoes, even when there are other people in the store.

    I would say this to anyone else who cross dresses. People don't really care. As long as you stay away from Drunks, bars, and places where you would expect to find trouble, you will never have a problem. Use a little common sense. . . This part of life can be fun!

  10. Just to say: this old post came up in a Google search, and I've referenced it here. Hope that's okay :)


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