Friday, November 4, 2011

OK, Why Stockings?

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I brought several pairs of hose to Arizona.  In fact, I overpacked to an amazing degree, even for me.  I tossed in two black stockings, each textured.  One had the stripes you could see in the photo here (Friday night, after my evening with Dorothy).  The other had little raised dots, like the fabric was bunched up, in a pattern.

I also brought nude hose and, just because I have never tried them on, a new black garter and two pair of black stockings.  One had a very fancy top, lots of lace; the other was plainer.

Not unexpectedly, I didn't have a chance to try on the stockings all week.

Saturday, I pulled out the other black hose and went to put them on.  The left foot had a little run, but it was at the toe and wouldn't show.  I pulled the left leg up and stretched out the right.

The right leg was in horrible condition.  There was a run up the calf and a hole in the toe.  And I don't even remember ever wearing them.  They were still in their packaging, although the package was open.

The black hose went into the trash.  I didn't want to wear the nude hose, so I pulled out the garter (suspender to the UK girls, and I bought it in the UK, on sale for £2).  I had to adjust them, something I have rarely done before.  Attaching stockings is one of the hardest things women do!  No wonder so many wear hose even though they profess to hate them!

There's no "turn it around and close it" like with bras.  You have to do the back one behind your leg, and if it's adjusted too short or too long, you pretty much have to adjust it behind your back.  Even if you can turn it around (sort of) for one leg, you can't turn it once one leg is attached.

But it is a very feminine feeling.  I'll probably do it again, if my skirt isn't too short.


  1. Let me recommend "stay-up" thigh high stockings. I wear them almost all the time when I dress (I only use pantyhose with my shortest skirts and dresses). Hanes makes some good ones, and there's a good run in Macy's store brand. Wal-Mart's "George" brand is surprisingly good.

    If you get the right size (you probably need the same queen size I use), they stay up just fine without the garters.

  2. I much prefer stockings (with suspender belt, of course) to pantyhose, whenever I can dress up to that extent (which is close to never lately). Since I prefer longer skirts and dresses, exposed stocking tops aren't an issue. However, garter belts are quite difficult to hide under male clothing, so I usually go without either.

  3. I find stay ups don't, but then maybe that's just me. When I wear stockings I feel realy special, and yep, a bit sexy. The nest suspenders have six straps, and are easyly adjusted. Put the stockinsg on attach the straps, then adjust so that they are comfprtable, and the stockings supported, and - enjoy.


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