Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dinner with Dorothy, part II

Andrea took the pictures
Dorothy had a favourite Italian place picked out.  It was a longish drive and she drove.  I don't know the town and my eyes are not that happy at night.

Eventually, we arrived in a very active part of town.  She said it was near the uni, which probably accounts for a lot of the people in the streets.  It was like Georgetown in DC, or Provincetown on Cape Cod, or almost anywhere from midtown down in Manhattan, or Charlottesville in Virginia, or Chinatown in London. 

There were lots of college-age kids, lots of little boutique types of shops, lots of restaurants, and not a lot of parking.  Being Halloween week there were quite a few costumes.  We went into a shop that was selling costumes ~ I was tempted to buy something and change, but I'd rather be just me.  I go out so rarely, I want Meg to be out.  Maybe next Halloween I'll feel more comfortable in a girl costume.  Maybe something like an old western saloon girl dress, or maybe a Renaissance dress.  Or supergirl.

No idea why we traded places
There was a 30 minute wait for a table.  I was hungry, it was late, but I didn't even notice.  Dorothy is a wonderful woman.  She's very friendly and very likeable.  Some of the shopkeepers knew her and she more-or-less introduced herself to the ones who didn't.  I think I mentioned that she's like the anti-Meg.  I think if you averaged her outgoing attitude with my introversion you'd end up with a clear extrovert.

But we had fun, we talked non-stop, and if anyone was watching us, they would have thought we were lesbians.  Don't get the wrong idea!  By that I mean, we were both checking out the young ladies walking past.  There were some very pretty outfits on the ladies strutting past our table.  We both liked the waitress' skirts.

Afterwards, Dorothy asked our waitress if she could give us a "Kodak moment," and she happily obliged.

Then we chatted the whole ride back.

I already wrote about what happened back at the hotel, so you can just look here if you missed it.  Andrea was great, and a wonderful surprise ending to a wonderful evening.  Andrea took these pictures.  In the second, Dorothy was saying to me, in a sing-songy voice, "my boobs are bigger than your boobs."

I had promised to meet Liz and Erin at 9 the next morning.  I was still trying to stay on eastern time and not have to get up too much earlier than normal on Sunday, so I wanted to get up around 5.  I also already wrote about what happened after I went up to my room, so I won't bore you with that twice.

But I really didn't want the evening to end.  If I didn't have a full day planned for Saturday, I probably would have encouraged Dorothy to hang out and I would have stayed up all night with Dorothy and Andrea.  Maybe we would have invited the van driver to join us.

Dorothy, by the way, is divorced (the too-common story), and spends 90% of her non-work time as Dorothy.  I can only fantasize about what that's like.


  1. You both look great--is that Dorothy's own hair?

  2. Dani ~ of course it's her own hair! But I don't know if it's removable, like mine is. :D

    I never ask the girls I meet if that's their hair or boobs are attached. I freely admit mine go in the closet with my outfits.


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