Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Recap

This is a love letter to my good friends.

Six hundred posts in about eighteen months ~ a little under six hundred days.

What started as a way to tell about my upcoming "flying pretty" episode has gone on for a bit longer than I expected.  I've made a few friends and picked up a few readers.  I found an outlet for my urge to write.

And I've enjoyed every minute of it.

Where else did I stray to?  There was my first clothing swap, dressed.  My obsessive overplanning and obstinate underdressing.  There were various Halloweens and one Mardi Gras.  I wrote a few polls, which I haven't yet thanked you for: the polls are important to me.  Growing up as a budding crossdresser, yet certain I was alone in this... it helps to see that there are others who are so like me that it's scary.  And I find it really interesting to see what other paths my peers have taken.  And I hope it helped others the same way.

I've talked about shopping, makeup, shoes, shopping, manicures, pedicures, jewelry, shopping, and fashion (see sense, fashion: has none).  I've waxed philosophical about waxing.  Did I mention shopping?

I've talked about my friends: my female friends and my t-male friends.

I've covered hinting at and teasing civilians and their (non-)reactions. I wrote about two Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremonies.

I've lamented that I am a current crossdresser (because I'd like to see how it feels for the first time).

I've written about going out and coming out and being outed.

I've covered stories and no more stories.  I've gone from I care to I don't care.  I think both of these are life-changing events and I shared them with you pretty much in real-time, as they happened; as they are happening.  And I'm glad I had y'all to talk to.  You are my therapists and my sounding boards.  And your (over 1200) comments make me think, smile, and cheer.

I've shared some reader thoughts and influences readers have had on me.

I've talked about (and shared pictures of) my panties, socks, and camisoles.  I still owe you some cami pictures, I think.  I posted cartoons, and talked about them ~ and that's about as far off-topic as I've ever strayed!

I've met some readers and other t-gals and shared those experiences with you.

I covered my travels to and in Topeka, Dallas, Richmond, Tucson, Sierra Vista, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, and I'm sure I'm missing somewhere.  And there was a second clothing swap.

I talked about plans that were made and (sigh) never became reality.

I've told you more than I've told anyone else in my entire life.  You know more about me than my closest family members.

Did I mention I've enjoyed every minute of it?  It bears repeating.

I've been re-reading this, looking for a close, and I just realised it sounds more like a suicide note than a love letter.  It's not.  A long time ago, I looked at the number of visitors per day.  I chose a round number a bit below that number and decided that if the readership went below that number for a week, or if I couldn't think of anything to write about for a week, I will shut down the blog.  Since then I doubled the number and as long as all eight of you stick around, I'll keep writing.  All seriousness aside, I hope to double it again someday.  I know, it's hard to spread the word when most of my readers only know a few potential readers, but I seem to be doing OK, although nowhere near the Stana Stratosphere (did she say 6000 a day?).

I'll admit that I'm not sure what my next post will be about, but I have a big box of muse food ready and I know she'll come through.  She gets her energy from you, and turns them into ideas and prose for me.

And while you're here, I know my muse would love it if you took the poll.  After all, it was her idea!


  1. Congratulations, well done. Do you realise you are a role model for me - on the blogging anyway. Keep going and keep us all in touch

  2. I do like your blog. It's a pleasure to read about how another cross-dresser gets on.

  3. Congratulations on your great blog. You write with insight and humor and touch on the feelings and experiences that so many of us have had.

  4. Eight (readers) is Enough ;-)

    Congrats and Thank YOU for the fun, entertaining and inspiring blog.

    Keep up the writing!

  5. I don't always have comments to leave behind, because I want to only add to the conversation when doing so, but I do always like to read what you have to say and share. I hope that you find it within yourself to keep this up for quite a long time!

    Warmest regards!


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