Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Has Gone On Long Enough

That poll has just been sitting there for a long long time.  It should have been a pretty simple poll, but something doesn't add up.  But I've thought about it long enough.

There were two parts:

Breasts: I want them
I've had/want implants
  7 (6%)
I'd consider implants
  16 (14%)
I'm on/I'd consider hormones
  31 (27%)
I'm taking/I'd consider herbals
  10 (9%)
I've tried/I'd try hypnosis
  2 (1%)
Padding is just fine, thank you
  37 (33%)
It's all me, all natural
  8 (7%)

About a third of you are perfectly happy with padding.  I am too, I think.  The most important thing is they can be put away if necessary.  Growing my own ~ well, not so much.  I think I have to be further on the "I don't care" path for that.  That's not to say I'd never be there.

I think I've taken a big step down that path, at least internally.  At least when talking about who I am and what I do.

But maybe not.  I decided if anyone asks me if any item I'm wearing is women's clothing, I'll say yes and say that I enjoy women's clothes.  A caveat: it does depend on the audience.  If it's the guys from the weekly poker game, probably not.  If it's at our weekly meeting with the customer, no.  If it's a couple of co-workers, yes.  If it's one or more friends of mine (not friends of my wife) then yes.

A few months ago, I would have sidestepped that question.  It has, however, never come up, even when I'm joking about a woman wearing men's clothing, or talking about how women can wear anything but men are limited.  And at the same time, I'm wearing a women's shirt or slacks or flowery socks.

Another seven percent are sufficiently endowed to not need or want any artificial enhancement.  I envy you.

But that leaves an amazing 60% who'd like breasts full-time!  I really find that surprising.  I may, at some time, revisit this and break the I may/I have questions into an either-or situation.  I mean, I'd consider hormones, but probably reject the idea.  That's a lot different from someone who's on them now.  It's like the difference between involved and committed: in a ham and eggs breakfast, the chicken is involved; the pig is committed.

Six percent had or want implants.  A couple of you would consider hypnosis ~ it might work, and there are actually programs you can buy or download to give it a try.

And almost 40% of you would take or are on hormones or herbals.

For me, it's a hard question.  Hormones will work, but there are side effects.  Herbals *may* work, but there are the same side effects.  There are so many estrogen impersonators out there and so much anecdotal evidence of their feminising capabilities that I won't say they're a fraud.  I think it depends on the particular woman.

Implants work, but I've heard that they're not really permanent.  They'll certainly give you breasts, but if you're interested in adding to your hips and butt, well, no.

But hormones are not "breast pills."  They're "girl pills" and there are psychological changes as well as physical ones.

If someone passed sentence and said "you can stop dressing forever, or ramp it up a notch with implants or hormones..."  I'm not sure which I'd do.  I'm really not sure. 

But I do know "stop dressing" is off the table.  And maybe that's another poll someday.


  1. I wonder how may of us would have given a different answer if we only had ourselves to consider, as you suggest in your post I may not care, but my dearest ones do. if I only had to worry about me I may have ticked the hormones or implants, but for the sake of others I have to be able to return to being him, so that counts out anything that would cause major or permenent changes.

  2. Too much in this post to think about at this time of day but here goes nothing.
    Padding is the best solution for me. I do not want anything permanent and the boobs go back in the bag when I change.
    Implants, hormones, herbals all have risk factors and all have a potential for permanancy. They also cost money and just between us girls I would rather spend my CD funds on shoes or a dress or makeup.
    You also make mention, as you have in the past, of double edged conversations relating to woman's fashions, clothing, etc. This becomes an occasional rubbing point with my wife. She knows about my CD side and is somewhat tolerant but draws a line about her fear that others may learn about me, especially our sons or other friends and family members.
    She is always alert to any conversations that I have with anyone where it seems that I show a greater interest or knowledge in woman's, clothes, makeup, etc...anything that passes for normal female conversation but may be outside or on the edge of typical male macho knowledge or interest. I think that she is oversensitive but she has a point in that I do tend to easily slip into discussions that are more typical of girl talk than the typical guy.

  3. I believe that I am one of the ones who marked the "I'm taking/I'd consider herbals" option in your poll. While I'm taking herbals in the hopes of filling out a bit more (I'm around an A+ right now), another motivating factor is to obtain greater sensitivity in the breast area. The "I Care/I Don't Care" issue comes to play here as this position is where I backtrack due to my being more in the "I Care" end of the spectrum. The idea of hormones is interesting to me, but I had to reject that notion not only because "I Care" but also due to the difficulty in getting a regular source.

    I'd never consider or want implants, mainly because of the surgery involved, but also due to my needing and wanting to stay male some of the time -- that level of permanence would keep me from being able to be male when that is needed/required ("I Care").

  4. Meg- your sentence about just answering "Yes" if asked if you're wearing women's clothes resonates here (right audience, natch). So much interesting info here, thanks!


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