Monday, November 14, 2011

Girls' Day Out

One of my dreams is to spend an evening, or a day, with the girls.

It's rare.  I wish it was less so.  The only time I'd really consider a Girls' Day Out was when I went to lunch with my old boss and coworker on (almost) Halloween.

If I stretch it, I could call the clothing swaps Girls' Days Out, but they're really not.  I just happen to be in a room with a few dozen ladies.  I could go to the Running of the Brides and be in the same kind of group of women.  Well, there would be the added excitement of possibly getting stomped to death.
Liz, Meg, Erin

Even the lunch was not really a Girls' Day Out.  For a real Girls' Day Out it would have to be a planned event.  I was sort of sprung on my old boss.

So I'm back at zero.  There were a few times I went out with the women who did my makeup, but that was one-on-one.  Or when I went out with Kim (for shopping and nails ~ wow).  Or when I went out with Liz... it was a special day because she's a special lady, but still... one-on-one.

I finally had my Girls' Day Out.  We had a plan to spend a day together.  We did, just the three of us girls.  Or at least two girls and Meg.  But I was accepted as one of the group, and that made a great day exceptional.

Here we are at the Pima air museum.


  1. Was that the photo the docent took with your camera? It looks more in focus than the one he took with mine.

    I'm assuming this is just Part I of two or more? It ended rather abruptly!!

  2. And that is a B-17G you are standing to the side of---Neat.
    Just stay out of the interior if you are wearing heels. The skin on those old warriors can't take that kind of abuse. Wish I could have been with you on the GDO.


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