Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breast Poll Part Two

(five days to go)

The second poll was for those of us who aren't planning on going a more permanent route.

But for now...
I use water/jello/other liquid
  7 (6%)
I use rice/polyfil/other particles
  8 (7%)
Silicon forms for me
  50 (49%)
Foam forms are fine
  10 (9%)
Other padding (write and tell me what)
  4 (3%)
It's all me, all natural
  22 (21%)

In the second poll, the eight responders who said their bust is natural somehow jumped to 22.  This is what has been giving me so much trouble.  I don't see how this could be, but I really want to be one of those 22!

Half of you (like me) use silicon forms.  I think they can't be beat, if you need help.  And lord knows I need help.  Lots of help.  I sometimes put something behind the form just because the form back is concave and  I am not convex.

Way behind are foam forms (too light, no bounce) then liquids or granules of some sort.  Four of you said "other" but no-one enlightened me.  Socks?  Hose?  Tissues?  Styrofoam molds?  Nuts and bolts?  I haven't a clue.


  1. The difference between the two polls is simple to explain--not everyone who voted in one voted in the other. I've run into the same problem at my blog.

    Note that you have 111 responses to the first poll and 101 to the other...but there's no way to know that those 101 are all people who voted in the first poll.

  2. --I voted in both polls. I voted all-natural on this poll, but not the other.

    I've tried various "filler" material, but it's always left me a little cold for the same reason I have tried wigs but have ultimately settled on my real hair. Fake material completely misses the point for me. I believe I am the exception, though. So yes, it's all me. It's all-natural. Unfortunately, most of that "all-natural" is air. I do sport a bra, but it's rather empty inside.

  3. I, too, voted in both polls. While I mentioned that in the first poll, I am using herbals, I marked here the "it's all me, all natural" only because I haven't splurged for a set of breast forms. Right now, I only have a few bras, and those are closer to the A+ size I am right now (can usually only find Bs or Cs in my size). Ultimately, though, I will be getting forms but I haven't yet decided on the size.

  4. Nuts & bolts?
    Bolts, I ‘m not sure but coconuts might do it.

  5. Didn't get in on the poll, but I have been wearing silicon forms for several years. I wear an amoena size 4 (38B) and frequently wear them under otherwise regular clothing. I really recommend them, as the feel is spectacular.

    Expensive yes, but worth it..


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