Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Just KNOW He's Looking for an Excuse

(two days to go)

Lio (with a little bar over the i) is a very strange boy.  He's kind of Calvin, if Hobbes was a giant squid.

He never talks, he loves odd animals, and I am always amazed that Mark Tatulli also draws Heart of the City, which I featured once when he had Dean dressing as Heart for Halloween.  Heart is a little girl, Dean is her nerdy boyfriend and they are as different from Lio as night is from cucumbers.  Or something.  It's like finding out that Charles Addams did The Family Circus.  And if you don't know Charles Addams, google some of his cartoons and prepare to be amused.

Anyway, here's Lio.  (That's him in the first and last panels)

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