Saturday, November 12, 2011

Or Mine

In the strip The Meaning of Lila by John Forgetta, Annie is Lila's adopted daughter.  Boyd, sitting on the couch in the first cartoon, is her gay BFF.  Dr Fine, standing, had adopted Annie for a while and still helps out the perpetually broke Lila.

It's a fun strip and Lila often wears some of the hottest dresses in the funny pages.  Too bad it's not more widely distributed.  It deserves a larger audience.  The strip has evolved since I stumbled on it, sometimes in a sitcom kind of way where a trail of life-changing events happen but at the end all is as it was at the start.  Her friend Drew got married and pregnant yet she's now once again single and childless.  Lila got fired, found a new job she was really ambivalent about, lost it, and now she's back at her old job.  I hope Annie's a long term change.

Another possible Boyd dressup cartoon is below.  I don't recall actually ever seeing him dressed.  I do wonder if Mr Forgetta, the cartoonist, is confusing sexual orientation with gender identity.  There's obviously a long history of that in the humour field ~ does anyone remember the Billy Crystal character is Soap?  

For a long time, I wasn't absolutely certain Boyd was gay.  Mr Forgetta seemed to dance around it and, quite recently, decided it was OK to be more explicit.  I think the crossdress stuff is just there for punchlines, but I don't know.  (That's Lila's friend Drew on the left.  They're both hot, IMO.)

 And I'm only including this final strip because clearly Annie and I were on the same (funny) page.  This came out the day after my Christine O'Donnell  made her debut!  Make sure you click on each picture to get the full impact.  (Alan is Dr Fine's partner.)

For me, Lila's a must-read every day.


  1. Can anyone forget Billy Crystal's character in Soap?

  2. Nobody really confuses sexual orientation with gender identity, except a lot of t-girls :-)


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