Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One More Note About A

Then I'll return to the main event.  (A, I hope that didn't sound like you're an afterthought!  You're my newest friend!)

She gave Dorothy and me her e-mail address, which turned out to be the wrong one.  It seems to belong to someone ~ I wrote and it didn't bounce.  There may be a very confused person out there.

After we all said goodnight, I went up to my room and took a few pictures because I wasn't sure I had one that showed my new hose.  This is my first time in patterned hose.  Also that dress is new.  But instead of enjoying The Meg Experience, I changed right away for two reasons.  One, it was late.  I took out my contacts and used my eye makeup remover, then I stripped off my clothes and jumped into the shower (again) to scrub off the rest of my makeup.  I put my glasses on and instead of my nightie, I put on the clothes I had worn to work that day.  They were still women's clothing; I decided I'd go female in case I didn't have a chance to do the full dressup.  Jeans, women's shirt, sneakers.  I skipped the socks and cami I wore earlier.

And reason number two: I went down to the front desk to say hi to A.

It was less than 30 minutes from the time Meg left until I showed back up.

I was greeted with an enthusiastic "hi!" and a "how can I help you?"

I leaned close and in a whispery voice said "I'm... Meg."

Affirmations like hers are priceless.  She said "When I saw Meg, I knew I checked you in, but I didn't remember you."  She swears she didn't recognise me, and I'll take that at face value.  Unless it was the Clark Kent thing, now that I had my glasses on.


  1. Remember the Clark Kent thing--done right--is more than the glasses: It's voice, posture, carriage. If you've done the "Meg thing" right, then you're doing all that stuff, too.

  2. It is great that you made a new friend that you can deal with in either mode. I hope you got her email corrected.

  3. How good it is to just be accepted, and befriended, I bet that Hotel now has at least one very loyal cutomer.

  4. Glasses are great, but hair and makeup are much better.

  5. Meg,

    I do not feel like and afterthought.

    It was not just a Clark Kent moment. I truly did not recognize you.

    I appreciated the clarification.

    How embarrassed would I be if I checked you in again, and did not recognize you in either.

    I look forward to seeing you again.

  6. Love this whole story...
    A seems like a goddess! :)


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