Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lila's Back

I've been chatting with John Forgetta, the writer of The Meaning of Lila.  I featured Lila last Saturday.  Lila, as I mentioned to John, is both the woman I want and the woman I want to be.  There are a few of those that I've met, but I think Lila's the only one in the funny pages.

I'm not sure how eyeballs translate to earnings in the on-line comics world, but would you mind just checking out today's strip and asking your friends to check it out?  The worst that could happen is you spend a couple of minutes ogling Lila and her friends.  The best is you could have a good laugh as well.  I haven't seen today's comics yet, but odds are it'll be good.  And tell your friends and let's see if we can make a noticeable bump in his numbers.  And if you enjoy it, keep reading and let your local paper know it's worth having.  I have.

This is a sequence from September.  A quick synopsis: Lila is single.  Her mom wants her to stop being single, preferably with the help of a doctor (during my chats with John I found out Lila's mother is Jewish.  It all makes sense now).  Lila is seeing a doctor (who she finds really boring and who calls his mom "mommy") but that's enough to get Lila's mother in wedding mode.

Read and enjoy and click to enlarge so you can enjoy the artwork.  And, can I have the dress after Boyd's through with it?


  1. Love it, thanks for turning us on to this comic! Have you checked out The Princess?

    I think you'll enjoy it!


  2. is this going to be an on-going tg-themed comic then?


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