Friday, October 28, 2011

I Better Be Ready

I walked over to KMart during the day Wednesday and I picked up one of these.  They had that camo finish, or dark blue.  Neither was my first choice, but I picked a blue one up anyway.  It folds flat, weighs little, and if I can make a little room in my regular bag I can carry it on my trip, empty.  I bought it now so I could bring home my extra skirts.  I may also buy something in Tucson (if I find anything interesting or unusual) and I STILL might try the ballet flat idea.  If I do, I'll need to carry my male shoes, which are bulky and will never fit in my bag without other considerations.

I also spent five on a pack of three trouser socks.  If I wear the flats, I'll need thin socks.  Not that I'm saying I'll do it yet.  But I'm ready.

One disappointment here: I cannot wear my cami or cinch under two of my shirts.  One shows every strap; the other is a nicer material and a bit clingy.  Under either, I can see the straps (and one of my camis is shaped for my bust so even though the cup material is thin it still bunches and shows a bit.  A bit too much.  If I leave off the cami, there's a bit of a "muffin top" above my cinch.  I'll wear my denim shirt again today so I can wear my cinch and that nice cami.

The plan for today is to meet Dorothy for dinner in Tucson.  If I can get there early, Meg will meet her.  If not, well, at least I'll be wearing all women's clothing.  It's not much but it's better than nothing.

Before I left for work I got rid of as much hair as I could, except for a close facial shave.  The dress I'll probably wear has 3/4 sleeves and my top has long sleeves, but for some reason I decided to completely shave my arms and underarms.

While here, I made a list of everything I brought so I can use this as a serious starting point.  I'm going to make three lists from that one: Things I Must Bring, Things I'd Like To Have, Things I Can Replace.  I must bring my contacts.  I'd like to have my wig (because it's tricky to replace), and most makeup is easy to replace.

Wednesday night, I did a dry run, trying on my padding and shoes and top and each skirt.  And, even with all my planning, I still messed up.  I am certain I took out a white plain Flexee cami.  I remember noticing that it was very stretchy and was shaped for my bust.  But it didn't make it to Arizona.  I hope I put it away!  My top is a scoop neck and almost too low.  I wanted to wear a higher neck cami underneath so I'd get a kind of "crescent moon" shape.  I think if I'm careful it'll be fine, but I'd rather have the extra layer.

Sometimes, I amaze myself.

Oh....  One of the skirts I picked up at Goodwill had the original tags from Macy's.  It's lined, multi-gored, very swingy and I like it alot, except for the length (just below knee; I'd prefer just above).  And the original price on this $7 skirt was $59.

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  1. I keep my armpits shaved all the time now, I did them once so I could wear a sleevless top, and like how it feels so much I just keep them done, a quick once over when I shower, no effort at all.

    Once again go with the ballet pumps, I don;t expect any oen will notice, and if they so no one will care.


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