Thursday, November 17, 2011

Girls' Day Out - A Day at the Museum

Liz, crashing
Erin Sets Me Straight (again)

Liz rode with me to the Pima Air Museum, since my car was a bit more comfortable than Erin's.  We caught up a bit on the ride and I had a wonderful time, chatting and people watching.

The museum is pretty good.  I was very surprised ~ it seems to be a well-kept secret.  Many of the planes are outdoors, and there are five or six hangars with indoor exhibits.  My biggest complaint was the terrain: it was kind of sandy and the heel on my mid-heel shoes sunk in sand more than once, putting me more than a little off-balance.  I thought these were the most comfortable shoes I'd ever owned, but I think the uneven paths (and no paths) tempered that a bit.  No matter ~ even after a full day the shoes felt pretty good, although I wouldn't want to try running or dancing at that point!

While Erin (the smart one) went back to her car to get a more comfortable pair of shoes, Liz and I tried the space docking simulator.  She went first and seemed intent on crashing into the Earth.  I used her effort as my lesson and docked easily (don't tell Liz if I had gone first I probably would have ended up orbiting Saturn).

Erin knows more about aircraft than anyone I've ever met.  She transitioned ten years ago, and in an earlier life she avoided a court martial by accepting a discharge ~ for being caught dressed.  I don't think even this post-DADT era would prevent that.  We've maybe moved from third-class to second-class citizens but wherever we're heading, we're not there yet.
Liz, my cute skirt, and Erin

You can read a bit about Erin here.

We spent pretty much the full day looking at aircraft and chatting endlessly.  At lunch, we decided to go to the one hangar we skipped because it didn't sound that interesting.  I'm glad we went.

That final hangar was the 390th Memorial Museum.  It's kind of a museum within the museum and it's dedicated to one squadron of B-17s based in England.  There are banners around the museum telling the fate of the planes and crews of each plane and there was one restored B-17 in the hangar.

But the best part was when an elderly docent came up to us and said "ladies, this is the best day of all of the days I've spent in this museum!"  I thought he meant meeting us, but instead he went on to explain to us "ladies" (and he included me!) that a flier from the 390th had visited and was there right now.  He had told some stories about the war to the docent and it turns out he (the flier, not the docent) was reported Killed In Action.  When informed of this, the 90+ man quoted Twain: "reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."  I considered going over to him and saying "hi.  I'm what you were fighting for" but I wasn't sure his heart could take it. :)

I'm the pilot!  We're DOOMED
The docent offered to take a picture of us and I think he considered the plane to be the main attraction.  It's sharp in each picture he took, but we're fuzzy.  Ah well.

Before we got in our cars, I wanted a picture of each of us in pairs: Liz and Erin, Liz and me, Erin and me.  That's when we discovered my camera was seriously misbehaving.  No matter.  It was still a great day, and, as I said, a dream fulfilled: my first Girls' Day Out.

I hope I'm not boring anyone, but please consider going to a Transgender Day of Remembrance event this coming weekend.  It's international.  You don't even have to travel to another country!  I'll be at the Fairfax event.


  1. Good post. You seem happy and at peace in a safe environment. I am jealous.
    I am also glad to see the way you dressed for the occasion. Totally appropriate. If and or when I can get out I will always be in a dress or skirt. I actually do not have any woman's slacks.
    Liz and Erin also seem at peace with themselves.
    For me finding peace with my CD side is important.

  2. Thank you, Meg, for sharing your adventures thus far. I believe that you need to revamp your description since the camera seems very much to be your friend, definitely doing a great job of reflecting the beautiful woman within yourself. I will agree with Pat's comment earlier in that if Arianwen can ever get out in public, it would definitely be in either a dress or (more likely) a skirt. Perhaps I am channeling a former life from the 50s, but it just doesn't seem right to be out in slacks and flats.

    Warmest regards!

  3. What we're all doing is just realising we can wear slacks and flats any old day. This is a special occasion and we want to wear something out of the ordinary!


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