Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another "One of Us?"

I've been seeing this ad for American University recently.  Look at the girl on the right.  Look at the way she walks, the way she holds her arms, the way she reacts as compared to the girl on the left.  And she only has her back to the camera except for a brief second at the start of the video.

I'm suspicious.

I can imagine the girl on the left saying "I'm so proud of you, going out dressed for the first time!" as she pats her on the back!


  1. Hi Meg , I believe you are right . When dressed as Diane I move, more Femme , then her!

  2. T-dar is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Or is it seeing what we want to see?

    Anyway, production companies do that all the time: they'll use a crew-member when they can get away with it. A lot of the time, the its a last minute addition to the shot list, and they'll pull someone in for a quick "insert" -- in this case, to provide a wrapper for the story about good old American U. Looks like they pulled a male in, or a female soccer wrestler ...


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