Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dorothy, A, and Meg

Meg, A, and Dorothy
I have lots to write about, but tonight, the family's home and it's Halloween and I like to see the kids in costumes.  So I'll just write about this picture tonight.  (Keep in mind I don't self-edit well, so it won't just be "Dorothy, A, and me at the hotel."  Dorothy asked the driver to come out and take the picture.  I think he assumed it was Halloween-oriented.  Click to enlarge, of course.

When we returned to my hotel, I was distracted for a moment and, as I mentioned the other day, Dorothy started talking to the lady at the desk.  I'll call her A.

I didn't have a problem really when Dorothy asserted that this was a lifestyle moment, not a Halloween one.  A didn't either, and started talking about her own personal lifestyle.  She said she was polyamourous.  Dorothy looked confused and said "what's that?" and I jumped in and said "swingers."  OK, I know that that's not quite it.  A looked pained and said "we believe that you can love more than one person equally" and I stage-whispered to Dorothy "swingers."

A is very nice and she told us a lot about herself and we shared stories and experiences.  One thing I learned is our personal quirks (if I can call them that) have the same deep-seated roots: I know cd'ers who have divorced because their wives couldn't accept them and they couldn't accept being deep in the closet.  A divorced because she was in a "vanilla" marriage and needed to explore who she really was, how she really felt.  She also has a (and I probably have this wrong and A can correct me) D-and-S side and that's part of her relationships too.  I said "if you meet girls like us, we're most likely subs."

A said that she thinks what we do is just fine, but couched it as "who am I to talk?"  I pointed out that we're kind of in the same boat: I can't go up to people and say "hi!  I crossdress.  What do you think about that?"  And she can't say "hi!  We're pretty open, and you're a cute couple and are you interested?"  Not safely, anyway.  There are a lot of crossdressers in the closet, but I think it's worse for people who love in their own way to be in the closet too.

I bet Dorothy looks her up again.  I'll probably stay at the same hotel next time I visit; maybe we can all go out together.  And Thank You Dorothy!  If you hadn't started chatting with her, I would have not met another of the way-too-rare accepting women!  And I got to learn from someone different than me.

And, by the way, A has on a casual shirt like I've been looking for, for when I travel to Arizona.

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  1. Okay, yes, I will correct you.

    I am not a swinger.

    I talked with my "friend" and we have decided that we are in an open relationship. He is my priority, I date others.

    And yes, I do have a D/s side.

    The Lady from Behind the Counter.


    P.S. You do NOT want that shirt it looks like a box, but it was made by Lands End, you might be able to find something similar, that is more flattering.


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