Sunday, November 27, 2011

Think About It

(one day to go)

Brewster Rockit, like the Stargate shows, takes place today but with a twist.  That has nothing to do with what I'm posting today, but it means they can incorporate current events into the strip ~ one of the things that makes it funner.  Tim Rickard is a funny guy, and I love his art: I'd call it "lazy superhero comics."  It seems like the images are cookie-cutter, but it works and it works well.

Oh....  Ensign Kenny is the equivalent of the "Star Trek" ensign who you know will not make it back to the Enterprise.

I had to read this one twice before I got it, but it was worth it!  Click to make it large enough to enjoy.


  1. I love Brewster Rockit. I think it's the wonderful combination of the smart and so dumb it's funny that makes it work so well. I also like your description of Tim Rickard's "lazy superhero comics" style.

  2. Will you please stop doing this, I non HAVE to look at ar too many comics ach day before i start actually doing any work on this thing!

  3. Love Brewster rockit! And those outfits on her (sigh)! :)

  4. I wonder if the fact that so many comic book/strip characters have secret identities is one reason that comics appeal to so many of us CDs. Do we always have to be on guard to make sure that what we know as males is not information that came to us because of what we are and what we do as CDs.
    Do you equate the occasional 'thought bubbles' that show what the comic character is thinking to our need to 'filter out what we say.
    Many of us have both male and female components to our persona. Do we sometimes wish we could turn off the filter and be as unsubtle as some of the folks in the funny papers?
    Just musing?


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