Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Can?" "Have To?"

Bizarro, by Don Piraro
Don't subscribe to the Funny Times!  If you see something scanned here, that's where I got it and I want to be first.

OK, get the Funny Times.  It has great cartoons and columns and it's my preferred reading when I'm on travel.  I try to carry things I'll read and toss, but sometimes I clip and bring home half of the paper!

Caution: there's a lot of political humour in there, and they lean left.  My conservative readers will probably not find that part of it funny!


  1. Love the cartoon, though I think I may have seen something like it before.
    Also, your pic 'at Clinique' - a good brand but expensive. One of those little luxuries?

  2. could be private maybe not YOU decide.
    Do you ever see a dress or article of clothing, that you almost feel as if you where wearing it? I look alot at ebay stuff and there are some "outfits" I could by "looking at picture" feel how great it would be showing it off and be "inside wearing the item! Maybe this is food another blog disscussion!

  3. Don'w worry about offending you friends on the right by sharing your humor or the cartoons.
    Most of us have a very good and well practiced sense of humor.


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