Friday, September 10, 2010

Mardi Gras 2005 ~ Say Yes to the Dress

I had a red dress I considered a possibility. So far, I had never shaved my arms or legs for a day out so I was looking for something with long sleeves I could wear with tights. I knew I'd have to remove some hair below my neck, but I didn't know how my wife would react to that. So I was looking at my long sleeve red dress, maybe with red tights. I have red pumps, but they're a tad uncomfortable.

I knew nothing about Mardi Gras so I did a bit of research. Purple, green, and gold are THE Mardi Gras colors. Green is good; I'm not sure about gold; and I really like purple. And maybe I could match the purple with a bit of gold. Gold shoes? A gold scarf? Gold jewelry?

I like purple.

I started looking through my closet and thinking about shopping. Again. I wrote to my gg friend S (who knew about Meg):

Can I wear a lavender top with a deep purple skirt? I may not do the pads, wig, etc, and just wear female purple clothes. I don't have purple shoes but I can probably get purple tights. If I can do lavender over purple, should tights be purple or lavender? Or should I just look for lavender up-and-down?

Or.....? I don't know!

The MG colours are green/purple/gold. I'm sure I can wear gold with the purple, but green?

There's lots I don't know.

Like I said yesterday, I agonised over this. That, you may have already figured out, is not atypical of me.

I wrote the above note on Friday February 11.

I was also trying to figure out how to dress without the boys seeing me dress. They're going skiing on Sunday and returning Monday, and the party is Saturday evening. I was also hoping to use my makeup lady for a Meg's Day Out on Sunday, even if I didn't dress for the party. This was going to be the most insanely Meg-intensive couple of days I'd ever spent!

Then on the 14th (the Monday before the party) I got an unexpected Valentine's Day present: my wife told me that she was taking the boys skiing on Saturday, instead of Sunday, and staying through Monday.

Heaven.... I'm in heaven.


  1. Meg,

    Coming into womanhood as we do, so late in life and on a purely part time basis we lack the knowledge and experience of knowing what to wear, when to wear it and how to mix and match. Part of the fun is the agonizing over the question of what to wear. Of course, many GGs are even more clueless than we are as to how to put an outfit together.

    I have come to truly empathize with my wife who always looks great, manages to put together stuff that always works and always looks appropriate but I do know that while it looks like she does it effortlessly and without a thought in the world she really does take the time to plan, think things out and work bits and pieces together until she is satisfied.

    AAH, the ups and downs, joys and worries of womanhood.


  2. It does take some planning to look one's best. my Wife has done a great job of helping me with that! i also want to comment on one of your previous posts about the are correct, hardly anyone really notices!


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