Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No-one Notices ~ Try It Yourself and See!

Well, maybe the pink ones get noticed.

These are the socks I normally wear, except when I must wear dress shoes. My dress shoes are Aerosoles and a bit snug so I wear black trouser socks. I work with law enforcement, intelligence, homeland security and these are still my socks of choice.

A good place to find larger socks: dollar stores. I think they don't sell well in regular outlets so they end up there. But I've shopped the major department stores plus Marshalls (usually without luck), Burlington Coat Factory, Syms, factory outlets, and other shops. Even if all I can find are the "normal" sizes, many socks are stretchy and they fit and feel fine. I think women's socks don't last as long as men's; I'm not sure why.

It's nice to look down and see a little reminder of my feminine life.

As always, click on a picture to enlarge it.

ps to Shelby the Gap lady: please drop me a note!


  1. Meg
    "It's nice to look down and see a reminder of my feminine life". Good comment and the same rational I use for underdressing. "It's nice to feel the silky, snug, sensual feel of wearing panties and hose under my slacks".
    There is a comfort and satisfaction I get from knowing that under my slacks I am somehow behaving in sync with women all over. Of course, I probably spend more time in pantyhose than most GGs. Nevertheless there is a synchronicity of wearing some purlely feminine items as much of the time as possible.

  2. You're right that nobody notices. Nobody notices socks or even tights worn in place of socks under trousers in winter. I've also found that few people notice little or no body or facial hair, long nails, pierced ears, brows plucked almost out of existence or long hair with a fringe (bangs), even when they're all on the one person! Yes, you get the occasional person who doesn't look closely and identifies me as female when I'm in boy mode, but it's fairly rare.


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