Saturday, September 4, 2010

Me? A Model?

Back in February 2005, when I was looking for someone to do my makeup for one of my first Meg Outings, I received an e-mail which I'm re-posting verbatim:

I am in a production two class and we are doing an assignment called a character profile piece where we do like a documentary style piece where we conduct an interview and then show the person's lifestyle.

I never do anything the usual way and so I thought it would be interesting to interview someone unique. The style I was going for was finding someone who as an average job, plays an normal role in society but behind the curtains leads a totally different sort of lifestyle. The contrast is what I am going for only because it is interesting but when I saw your ad I thought, hmmmmmm this is definitely interesting. So, my thoughts are in exchange for me teaching you how to do your hair and makeup, you are my interviewee. And maybe we could make that what the film is about, which the total length will only be 3-5 minutes and it is not going to be put out on the festival circuit or anything like that. If you want to remain anonymous then I will respect that and the only people who will ever see the film will be my film class and my professor. Although, if the film is any good then I wouldn't mind using it for my portfolio either.

And who knows, maybe you would want this for yourself too. I mean, you would definitely get your own copy of the film and what have you. In orderfor the piece to come off really well, I would want to interview you, we would sit down, not as "Meg" and talk, I would ask you questions and I would give you a copy of the questions and you can tell me which ones you are comfortable with. Then we would film you at work if possible, or with friends who know you, not as "Meg" and then we do the makeover and show the transformation, with the end result of you being "Meg" and what you do and how you feel as "Meg".

Totally up to you. There are three of us on the film crew. Juliet and I are both over 30. Our third crew member is Mindy. :)

I have been told many times that I do my makeup very well and I am completely comfortable sharing with you my beauty secrets. ;)

Let me know what you think.



She really wanted to film at my workplace, which would have been impossible. And I explained to her that it was completely outside my comfort zone! But we did discuss it. She said she'd film my male self in an "abstract" way so no-one would see my male face. She wanted to film me at work and shopping for makeup.

Negotiations broke down and she did a video about a women's rugby team.

I still kick myself sometimes for passing this by. If it was today, I'd find a way to make it work with the company and definitely do it!


  1. I think it shows how far you've come, Meg. If presented with a similar opportunity, it's definitely an option that I wouldn't even consider right now (fear and all), but I know I would regret it if I did. It's always good to see people like yourself who are completely comfortable with who they are!

  2. Meg
    Great concept and quite appealing but it would have been a major "outing".

  3. You are so right, Pat. But at the time, I just didn't see that. My friend S agreed with you.


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