Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Day After ~ 20 February 2005

I made an appointment with the other "finalist" makeup lady, T. I had to meet her at a train station, as she had no other way to get into Virginia from DC. I was a few minutes early; after waiting a half-hour she called to tell me there was an emergency and she was just leaving for the train at that time. That meant she wouldn't get to my station until about 12:30. I was unhappy; I thought this was a bad omen and I should cancel. Then I thought, if she showed on time my neighbors would probably be outside and I'd have some 'splainin' to do.

But half of a valuable day was wasted. The family would be back the next day which meant Monday would be a washing-sorting-putting Meg away day and that was about it.

We were supposed to meet at 11. She showed up at 1. This was Sunday; there was supposed to be shopping time after the makeup but most shops would close around 6. I was determined to not rush it. If we didn't get out, that would be OK.

She did a pretty good job. She had me try to do some of the makeup myself (which I did poorly) and patiently undid my mess and redid it. She gave me clothes advice: I must've tried on ten different outfits and showed her twenty more that I didn't try on. I'd come downstairs with a new outfit and two or three other possibilities over and over.

I ended up in a pink pullover top and a tiered skirt that she deemed "casual enough". (She was in jeans.) But by the time we hit the shops it was 5. I tried on some shoes at Payless, we looked at lots of clothes at Marshalls. I wasn't comfortable trying anything on though ~ I was close, but not quite there yet), and I got maybe one funny look.

Mostly people ignored me. It was fun to just hold clothes up so I could see how long or short a skirt was or how a particular top might look on me. I also had the rare experience of looking at lingerie without feeling self-conscious, although I really should have, dressed as I was. I also wore sheer tan hose, which was a first for me. Mardi Gras was the first time I had shaved my arms or hands or legs and I wasn't going to cover my legs after I worked so hard to clean them up!

These are all of "Meg By T" before we went out. Stupidly, I didn't stuff my camera in my purse so T could take photos in the real world.

I've been kind of stingy with pictures until now. I try to get the Best of Meg from each outing. I think these are all kind of similar but kind of good. I also thought T did a good enough job that I had her do my face again almost two years later. Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of practice OR confidence during those two years.

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  1. Wow... exciting story (you know why!)
    And you look great!!! Especially that last pic... oh yes! Congrats!


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