Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Brief Pause

I'm writing up my Mardi Gras 2005 outing. This was one of my first, and my first among friends. There's a lot to cover, and I may break it into a few posts. In the meantime, please enjoy these from my comic collection. Click on a picture to enlarge it.

Ballard Street is always just plain weird. In yesterday's strip he was dressed like a chicken. I have a few others with crossdressing themes.

9 Chickweed Lane is one of my favourites. It's three generations of women, and the youngest (shown) and her mom are partial to sexy dresses and underthings. Brooke has been doing a story line flashing back to the grandmother's adventures as a young woman in Europe in World War II. It's been going on probably since the beginning of the year and it's great. Most of the male characters are a tad off-center. Amos never showed this side of him in any other strips I saw.

Adam is a bit subtle here. It took a second reading before I got it and then I laughed out loud. This is a new side of him as well. I really enjoy Adam and cannot believe the same guy pens the horrid Red and Rover strip.


  1. Meg
    Your posts are good for inspiring thoughts.

    Having made it to my late 50s it does seem to me that there are a reasonable number of men who lead relatively typical lives with wives, children, homes, jobs, friends, family, etc. while at the same time have a gender disconsenent component to their personnas that leads them to cross dress. The somewhat universal aspect to this activity is reflected in your choice of comic strips. It also surfaces with some frequency in movies, art, music, and in every day discussions and certainly in the advertising world.

    Being CD/TG is on my mind almost constantly. It seems, however, that it is also quite prevelant in the world at large.

    Many of us just cannot risk exposure but we have a great desire to get out while dressed. The strip about "driving while dressed" hits something that is quite close to home. Often the first step in getting out of the house is getting in the car.

    There are a few places that I get to once in a while. Both are small gay friendly bars. Both are about 50-60 minutes of drive away. On nights when I can get out, (after the transformation process which I can sometimes compress to an hour or less), I will drive an hour, stop in and have a drink or two...never more. Then back in the car for the ride home. Often, more time while dressed is spent in the car. I made it out last night and topped the evening off with a pass at the McDonalds drive in window. Small steps by some standards but for me a pretty big deal.

    The second strip inspires the thought of being in another place and seeing high heel shoes and simply admiring the and wanting to put them on. It recognizes the concept that many men would love to try on heels if given the opportunity. We have been spending a little time looking for another house. The process entails opening closets and looking in storage areas. There have been times when my focus has not been entirely on the structural aspects of the house.

    The third strip is also universal in its message. How often have you seen a woman wearing something that appeals to you and you would love to comment that you "love it" while harboring the fantasy that she would offer to share it with you. How jealous are many of us over the female practice of sharing clothes? As a teenager I would often hear the girls asking to 'borrow' something. Those like us would pine to be a member of the 'sisterhood of the borrowed girlwear'.

    Thanks for the muse.


  2. 9 Chickweed Lane did an entire week about men wearing heels. It's posted on my blog. Here's the link:

    Dan Piraro, in Bizarro, has also done a number of cross-dressing gags:

    And, then, there's this one, from One Big Happy:

    Or this one, from--of all places--Garfield:

  3. Meg- I hadn't noticed this about Chickweed years ago, when I read it. Good catch!!


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