Friday, September 24, 2010

The End of October

As I said, I'll be at the Stewart/Colbert rallies. The question is, will Meg make it?

Things that will keep Meg from going:

* my wife decides to not have a field trip that weekend. She wants to take my oldest on a college tour.
* my wife and oldest go, but my youngest stays home. In that case, I might be able to put him with a friend overnight, but it's risky.
* they all go, but don't leave before 9:00 on Saturday. I'll need three hours to prepare, change, and get downtown.
* a friend (or friends) want to join me. This is a very real possibility.
* I don't have prep time beforehand (find clothes, shave body hair, etc). This is unlikely ~ I can always do a "work from home" day and spend part of the school time working on Meg and part of the afternoon making up for that time.
* rainy or very cold weather.

Ideally, I'd like to start getting ready at about 8, get out by 10, get my nails done, and I can get downtown in plenty of time. I can skip the manicure if necessary. I'd like to go back to the woman who did my most recent manicure and have her meet Meg and give her a "womanicure".

If the family will be away, and I can finish this work project, I might be able to arrange a return to El Paso for that Monday. That would mean not voting on Tuesday (which hurts) but it would also mean flying pretty. If I can get out of the house very early, for that very early flight I took last time, I can change at home and leave under cover of darkness.

There are a world of possibilities. I can't wait to see what happens!


  1. Meg
    Seems like there are plenty of moving parts in the plan to attend the rally. It should be fun watching you keep all the balls in the air as plans firm up.

  2. Just found off t-central.blogspot
    You might enjoy: "Part Time Robin"
    She's traveling (flying) and bloging about TSA etc. And is have a good trip (much like yours).

  3. Meg- I love the idea of the rally, too... Commisserate on the "planning dilemmas"! Sounds like you have some opportunities for SOMETHING fun, anyway! :) My mind would be, well, if I'm dressed, do I want to kill THAT MUCH time all doing the rally though, lol! :D


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