Thursday, September 23, 2010

30 Oct 2010

On October 30, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will host rallies in DC.

My limited tv watching generally involves taping their shows at 11pm. The next morning, at breakfast, I rewind it a half-hour and watch the very end of The Daily Show (because it goes right into The Colbert Report). Then I watch Colbert. At the end of the week, I have almost two hours of Daily's and I watch them Saturday morning before anyone else is awake. Other than the news, that's about all of the time that big screen is lit. OK, I'll watch Dr Who, too, when it's on.

So I will go to DC to see them live. Stewart will be doing his show in DC the week before, but I was too late to get tickets to a taping. I've seen Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" when he did a few episodes here. Funny aside: I went with my wife and another couple. We were sitting about 3/4 of the way back and the place was packed. An usher (a very pretty usher, as I recall) asked if one of us would consider moving so two people could sit together ~ there was an empty seat next to me. I said "I'll move if you can put me way over there" and I pointed to the front. She said "I'll see what I can do". She came back a minute later and said "come with me" and I was in row three. I've also been to see a taping of Crossfire, if anyone remembers that 30 minute daily shouting match.

I also said "I tape" the shows. Yes, I use tape. I have a DVR but I never use it. I can move tapes between the two tvs. I can't do that with the DVR. I can probably watch the shows on Hulu or another website, but I am a creature of habit.

Back to the point: I'll be in DC that day. My kids are off Monday and Tuesday. I am not. I'll still be working on the El Paso project those days. My wife wants to go visit a college campus or two with the oldest. She might take the youngest too.

If she does, Meg will go to DC.

If she doesn't, she'll go to DC with me, most likely. In that case, I'll be in drab. If any of you are planning on being there, let me know and I'll tell you how to find me.

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  1. Watching Colbert and Stewart live? Awesome.

    Meg watching Colbert and Stewart live? Fantabulous!


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