Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mardi Gras 2005 ~ The Party's Over

I was still working at the office where I wore my denim skirt about 16 months earlier.

Back at work the following week, I showed this group picture to P, the co-star of that story. I brought the picture up in an envelop because I just wanted her to see it. That's the hostess on the right; E (the woman who didn't recognise me A-Tall) is standing next to her and her boyfriend is cleverly camouflaged between us.

I told her these were the "District 6 Dems at a Mardi Gras party". She said she liked the hostess' hat and I put the picture away. I walked away and then walked back and said "and you didn't pick me out of that picture?"

She looked again and was *shocked* when she figured out who I was. She said she was thinking of asking, "who's that pretty young lady?"

Either my makeup lady is better than I thought or P is a faster thinker than I expected. :)

About a week after the party, the hostess sent me an e-mail saying someone was e-flirting with her & asked for a picture. She sent this group one. He asked which she was and she wrote to me: "should I say I'm the buxom blonde with the basketball player hands?"

I like parts of that description, but not the whole thing. And my hands aren't even IN that picture!

Being dressed in front of my friends (and several strangers) was fun, exhilarating, and less stress on my nervous system than I expected. Melinda helped a lot. She made me feel comfortable and put me in a girly mood and give me confidence. I really needed that.

For the t-girls here, if you have an SO who accepts what you do and helps you be a better woman, cherish her. She's making your life easier. And more fun.

By the way, I had this picture sitting on my desk in two different offices. Almost no-one ever commented on it, which I found odd. Well, at my current office, I have a paper Challenger model on my desk, and one of these and no-one has commented on them either. I think the socks throw them off. :)

The picture below is another guest who couldn't believe I wasn't what I seemed to be and HAD to have a picture. Click either for a larger version.


  1. Meg
    An excellent series of posts setting forth both the facts and the spirit of the outing. The photos were also excellent.

    You may be an introvert but you clearly thrive on the adreneline rush.

    Sarah Palin would definately find you to be a Democrat with set of "cajones".


  2. Quite an outing!! Ha, about Sara Palin line!


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