Monday, September 6, 2010

Halloween's Coming!

I saw these in one of my wife's catalogues. Alas, they are only available in sizes 6 through 10. Click for a larger look, or go to the link if you're lucky enough to have female-sized feet.

I'm working on my Mardi Gras story. To prevent overload, it will run for a week or so, or you can buy the hardbound, 350 page version from Sandy Thomas Publications. :)


  1. Nice shoes!! :)

    Await your book!! Niccccce!

  2. These shoes are precious, but if you want some and they don't come in your size, grab yourself some white staz on ink and some plain black heels and a skully stamp and create them for yourself girly! I have the stamp and ink in my scrapbook stash so if you have the heels, send them my way. You can customize them more with your own or change out the ribbon (I think I need to go find some plain ones myself!) Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  3. I'll put a pair in a box addressed to "out house in the middle of our street" today!


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