Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Brotherhood of the Six Inch Heels

To get my Mardi Gras story right, I need to collect e-mails from Melinda, the makeup artist du jour, and others I sent to my friend in Oregon, and I need to jar my own memory. I've done all that, but now I need some writing time and editing time and... give me a couple of days, please!

In the meantime, Dani of EnTRANSed fame sent a comment with links to some other comics. I want to make them more accessible to Thems What Don't Read The Comments, hence today's post.

I had seen the other 9 Chickweed Lane ones (the link is to Dani's site) and the One Big Happy one, but not the Bizarro ones. Click to make the small pictures big.

I really like this line and I may use it someday. :)


  1. Ha, love the last one!! :D

  2. Meg: Thanks a bunch for the link to my blog. I posted a piece about your blog today and also added you to the blog roll on my page.


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