Thursday, September 30, 2010

Speaking of Speaking of Understanding

I think I need to expand on my comment from yesterday.

When I see a painting, I don't think "that's not very good" or "it would've been better if..." the sky was overcast, the woman was standing, the wall was lower, the colours more vivid. I think "why can't I do that? I can't draw a ruler with a straight line."

I once ad-libbed a role that made my audience cry. I'm still awestruck at how a good actor can whipsaw my feelings.

I don't look at a woman and think "she could've done her makeup better" or "why'd she do that to her hair?" I'm in awe that she can get up every morning and look great in that outfit and put on just that right amount of makeup. I'm enraptured watching a woman tie her hair into a pony tail or something more complex while she's talking, without looking in a mirror, without even checking when she's done.

The confidence amazes me. I mean it ~ I'm in awe.

Now, I'm going to backtrack, but it's not because I'm being critical ~ it's because I'm being selfish.

There are women I look forward to seeing because they always look great and always dress great. Then I go over to say hi and she's decided it's a jeans day and I wish she'd worn that dynamite suit with the pleated skirt she wore last week. Or she decided to tie up that incredible long hair (but I'm still in awe at the skill it takes to hid that much hair!). Or she raced out the door and forgot the wonderful earrings I look forward to seeing.

I'm still in awe. I'm just disappointed.

All women are beautiful. Some in a small way, some in every way (and you know who you are).

I still wish I could paint. I also wish I could get dressed in the morning and go to work and feel like I'm adding a little beauty myself.


  1. Meg
    I have a strong appreciation of women and all things feminine. While all people have an 'aura', some are more feminine than others and while I am psychically clueless I do think I have the ability to sense the feminie aura.

    My wife is beautiful and feminine at all times. It is just her nature. I am lucky in that regard. She always looks great in her usual uniform of casual attire (t-shirt & jeans) but when she does dress up I see it as a special treat for me...and I think she knows that.

    Other women have different degrees of natural beauty or lack therof. As a CD I think I have more than the basic understanding of what is involved in transforming and improving the raw product. I am always highly appreciative of women who make an extra effort to enhance their natural qualities with their attention to grooming and their selection of attire.

    As I observe women on a day to day basis the efforts that they take with their hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, etc, is not lost on me. Like you, I tend to be uncritical when they err or fall short. I do, however, make mental notes when their efforts are effective.


  2. Part of the reason you do not understand is women have been at it since they where teenagers. I truely think that there are a fair amount of "gals" that do not realize how good looking they are. Just unconscious of the facts.


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