Monday, September 20, 2010

But I Repeat Myself

At the end of July, I posted Followers. I said I didn't like that word and I still don't. It implies responsibility. Or maturity. or some -ity I don't think I have.

In that long-ago post, I asked readers to drop me a note at Post a comment if you'd like to be more public (or more anonymous: post a comment with the word PRIVATE at the top and I'll read it and not approve it).

It's a stupid request.

My on-line friends know I'm way behind on my e-mail right now, and I'm asking for more. But I've told all. And I'd love to know who I'm telling all to.

Tell me your story, even if you think "my god. It's the same as the other 10,000 crossdressers", even if it's just "I started at 5 with my sister's tights. Nobody knows." If you are a t-gurl, tell me where you are on your journey, and what's next for you.

If you're a g-girl, please tell me why you're here. And send lingerie. :)

And if you're outside the t-community, I'd really like to know why you're reading. It can't be my exquisite prose.

I'm open to questions, and I'll answer anything. OK, I said I've "told all" but I haven't. There are one or two things I can think of that I consider secrets. And I've already explained my attitude towards secrets. But I'll tell you I can't tell.

Tomorrow's post will be about the Day After Mardi Gras 2005. This is a picture from that day. As usual, click it to enlarge it. And I've tried that "click to enlarge" and I can tell you it did NOT work on my boobs. :(


  1. Meg, I know you are not the only citizen of Blogistan who would love to know and hear from those who take the time to read our scribbles (well yours are much more interesting than mine, so maybe that is a bit harsh, :P).

    Anyway, if you have any success getting more feedback, and find the time to read and respond, hopefully you will share some of the 'data' with us!


  2. Meg,

    I hope that this post, requesting comments and bios, gets lots of traffic since I think one of the reasons many of us 'follow' your blog and several that are similar to yours, is to get that feeling of friendship and to confirm that we are not completely unique in our desires to cross dress.

    I, for one, never tire of reading bios from other CDs. Having never posted one myself I accept your invitation to try.

    I was a 'DES' baby. After three miscarriages my mother's doctor placed her on DES and estrogen, which along with bed rest, was the treatment of choice for women prone to miscarry from the 1940s until about 1970. The jury is still out as to whether developing 'in utero' in an estrogen rich environment is a cause of developing TG inclinations. While I am not devoid of hair I do not share the 'shaving' problems that hector so many other CDs.

    My mom would tell the story that as an infant I loved to touch silky items with a real affinity for silky women's scarves which were in style in the 1950s. My affinity for the 'textures' of woman's garments has never waned.

    As the oldest child I would baby sit my siblings. I did not resist the urge to raid my mother's closet. Other than that I grew up 'all boy'...competed in all sports, very active, competitive in all aspects of development...physically and intellectually.

    Married young to the most wonderful woman in the world. Could not resist the urge to raid her closet. I convinced her to dress me on a few occasions but the specter of her husband in her clothes did not sit well with her. She asked that I not bring up the subject again. I did not know what I was or what the urge to dress was all about but my dressing went underground. When our children were born and while they lived at home I felt a duty to honor my wife's wishes that I not expose the kids to a dad in a dress.

    I did acquire a private 'stash' that was hidden and taken out only when I was home alone (almost never) or when I was traveling on business.

    With the kids grown and out of the house I can indulge on a more frequent basis. I am still not sure that my wonderful wife understands the depth of my desire to dress but she has become somewhat tolerant and to a certain extent understands that the CD component is part of who I am and why I am the way that I am and that the male and female elements of my persona is part of what makes me who I am.


  3. I can't think of anything about my history or interests that isn't in the early postings on my blog:

    Where am I at now? I'm a middle-aged crossdresser who tries hard to look good when dressed, but who doesn't get as much chance to practice as he'd like...and has no opportunity to "show off" except on line.

  4. As a "G" or "cis" girl, I just wanted to let you know that I follow because I was sampling the blogs that Penny follows and liked yours. I like your writing style and like what you have to say and so I "follow" you. Sorry it's not more exciting than that. It's basically the same criteria I have for any blog I follow.


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