Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two Customer Things

When I'm not doing the 9-5 thing I make house calls: fixing computers, getting rid of viruses, cleaning up messes people who know "just enough" make. It's fun and, let's face it, makeup is EXPENSIVE.

Yesterday, I was working on a computer and there were two pairs of pretty clip-on earrings sitting in front of the monitor. One had the older screw-on back, the other the more common spring. I was so tempted to try them on ~ just for a second. I did mention the earrings and she said "I'm one of the last people to not have pierced ears." Before I could point out that I have to wear clip-ons too, she corrected herself to "last women".

The other little story involves a new customer. She lives in my neighborhood, and her husband's machine is slow and her daughter's is failing. Her name is Gaye. She turned out to be a tall, attractive woman in her mid-40s. I rang the bell. She opened the door, looked me straight in the eye, put out her hand and said "hi. I'm Gaye."

I know this was practiced on her part, kind of a pre-emptive strike over her name. I know I hesitated for a second as I went over options.

"Hi. I'm Gaye."
"Hi. I'm straight."

"Hi. I'm Gaye."
"Oh my god! Too much information!"

"Hi. I'm Gaye."

"Hi. I'm Gaye."
"That's too bad."

"Hi. I'm Gaye."
"So I shouldn't even try, huh?"

And the number one answer, the one I really wanted to say:

"Hi. I'm Gaye."
"Hi. I'm transgendered."

But I said "hi. I'm ----."

Ah well. I want to ask her what the strangest response she got was, but I don't want to seem flirty. I have to return the laptop this weekend, and if I can phrase it right, I'll say something.

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  1. Meg
    I wish you lived nearby. I can mess up a computer with the best of them. Things were even worse in the old days when the boys were home. One PC, multiple users. I think we were the last house in America to switch from dial-up to whatever it is we now get from Verizon. One son was always loading videos and the old unit would belch balderdash that drove my wife crazy. Now I live in greater fear of being caught using her computer than being caught in a dress, hose and heels.

    I did want to comment on your coveting the clip-on earrings from your customer. Of course, I go through life woman watching and coveting what they wear. I get a feeling of affirmation when I see a GG wearing something that is similar to what I have in my stash. It is always a pleasant thought for me to mentally note that 'Gee, I have a wrap dress in a similar fabric and pattern in my closet'...'Wow, I have almost that exact skirt at home.' etc.

    On one occasion I saw a young lady wearing the 'exact' shoes that I had just purchased. They never became one of my favorite shoes but they were a simple criss-cross, open toe, slingback, pump. Hers were the exact beige color as mine...although hers were likely a few sizes smaller.

    I know that one common concern for GGs is to be seen at an event wearing the exact same outfit as another GG. In my case, however, nothing would please me more.

    Have you had the experience of seeing a GG wearing the "exact" item that you have in your closet?



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