Saturday, August 28, 2010


On my way to that outlet mall, I was thinking ~ I have a long denim skirt. I bet if I wore that in a public place, most people would assume it was jeans. Most people who see that it's a skirt probably wouldn't care.

Then I thought, maybe I could find a similar skirt at the outlet mall and wear it home. I could easily change to regular jeans in the airport. It would definitely make the trip more fun.

But as I pulled up to the mall, I remembered.... My manager will be flying with me. As I mentioned she is not ready for Meg.

But it's a possibility for next time. I might change into the skirt at the airport so the neighbors can't see. I sometimes see people I know at the airport, so maybe flying out is not a great idea. But flying back.... I can certainly leave the hotel, drive to the airport, make my connection (there are no direct flights from Washington to El Paso) and change into jeans after I get my bag back. Since I won't be lingering at the airport, just landing and changing, there would be little risk of being caught by a friend. Or worse, a friend of my wife.

It's certainly worth thinking about. And that's what I'm going to do. Next time I have a few minutes alone, I'll try it on and make sure it fits properly.

I did wear this to the office on Halloween long before I ever went out dressed. I owe you that story, along with Halloween 2008, Halloween 2009, and Mardi Gras 2004.

So if you're not sick of me, I'm not done with this blog yet.


  1. Please don't end the blog. Keep it going. And post more pictures of Meg!

  2. Deffinetly not tired of you, please keep the blog going, I know it can be hard work at times but you give us a great read and a real insight into your lives.


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